The Amazon Effect: Part Two

Competing with Amazon: is it even possible? Sure, the ecommerce giant boasts wide selection, consistent users, and a global presence to make good on those 600 purchases per second. But that doesn’t mean the E-Giant is unstoppable.

In this second half of the two-part series, The Amazon Effect explores five strategies the company employs to succeed in ecommerce.

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Adobe Creative Jam Comes to San Diego

Calling all creatives (and those fascinated by the creative process)! Join us for a night of inspiration at Adobe Creative Jam: San Diego as two designers from Miva team up for a competition around the cross-platform user experience.

What: Adobe Creative Jam: San Diego
When: Thursday, June 22; 7:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Where: Moniker Warehouse, San Diego, CA

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The Amazon Effect: Part One

Love them or hate them, Amazon is here to stay. Named Fast Company’s Most Innovative Company of 2017, the world’s largest online marketplace continues to push the bounds of what’s possible in ecommerce, an impetus dubbed “The Amazon Effect”.

The businesses that thrive will control the margin by taking control of the customer experience, their way. Dive into five differentiators of Amazon’s success in this two-part series before exploring how to harness them for your enterprise.

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The Power of Custom Ecommerce Features ft. Jeremy Aguilar

The ecommerce landscape is changing—fast. Custom ecommerce features enable businesses to meet consumer demands for personalized, seamless interactions with your brand.

Behind a fast-functioning storefront is a team of developers working ’round-the-clock to ensure your success. Leading the charge is Jeremy Aguilar, Senior Web Developer at Miva, who sat with us to discuss the power of custom ecommerce features to future-proof your business.

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IRCE: 4 Insider Tips to Optimize Your Visit

Every year, industry leaders and business owners convene in Chicago for four days of insight, discovery, and connection. With over 200 speakers, 600 vendors, 16 tracks, and hands-on workshops, the Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition (IRCE) will leave you with a head, and goodie bag, full of information.

And though the crowd of 10,000 may overwhelm, it just takes the one—one insight; one discovery; one connection—to propel business forward. Optimize your time with these four tips to get the most out of IRCE 2017.

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Google Lens Gives Glimpse to Contextual Commerce

Last week, Google CEO Sundar Pichai took the stage at the I/O developer conference to unveil a new development in augmented reality: Google Lens. Point your smartphone at an object and Google will help you identify it right from your screen. And though it’s too soon to tell how wide Lens will truly spread, it does give a look into the future of customer-first commerce.

Find out the implications of augmented reality to see how you may soon harness it to connect with customers like never before.

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How to Make Free Shipping Work for You

Last week, major retailers Target and Wal-Mart made waves with changes to their free shipping thresholds. Online retailers have long deferred free shipping, considering the cost of “free” as anything but. As consumer demands grow and threshold wars rage on, free shipping is no longer optional but essential for business to thrive.

Competing with consumer expectations can feel like a game of catch-up, but shipping for free does not have to come at such a high cost. Read on for six strategies you can test to maximize profits from free shipping.

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How to Succeed with ERP Integrations ft. Doug Blumhardt

From Nestle to RM Foods to your county government, companies utilize Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems such as NetSuite, Sage, and Microsoft Dynamics to streamline operations, enhance the customer experience, and drive growth. But just because ERP systems are referred to as the silver bullet in business does not mean an ERP system is the answer for your business.

Read on for 40 years of insight from Doug Blumhardt, high-profile veteran of business operations and enterprise systems across multiple environments, for answers to business owners’ biggest questions on succeeding with large-scale enterprise integrations.

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The 12 Best Ecommerce Sites of 2017

For the first time in history, manufacturers can take to the Internet to compel a customer experience unique to their brand, driving higher conversion rates and loyalty. But where ecommerce once meant pinning product to a dotcom just to be online, advancements in technology and consumer expectations have paved the way for industry leaders to innovate the digital marketplace.

Recognized at the 2017 Blades Awards for excellence in design, functionality, customer experience, branding, and efficiency, these sites—built upon the Miva Merchant platform in 2016—are bound to inspire your storefront.

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