Does Your Business Have The Ecommerce Platform It Deserves?

Booth # 1807

Wednesday, June 8, 3pm - 4pm

How Next-Level Software Can Transform Your Business Model

Does your ecommerce platform use custom logic to dynamically control pricing, presentation, and organization of your products?

Is your ecommerce platform built for totally flexible marketing, innovative merchandising, and unlimited site customization?

Can your ecommerce platform seamlessly integrate with cutting edge backend systems like an ERP, CRM, or OMS?

Will your ecommerce platform guarantee rock solid stability and security from attacks?

Don't settle for an old fashioned web store that only provides the basics. In this must-see IRCE presentation, we'll explore the very latest trends for leveraging an ecommerce platform into a powerful profit engine. You can't afford to miss it!

Join us at IRCE 2016 as we map our the future of ecommerce together.

  • What
    A Presentation on
    Transforming your Business

  • Where
    IRCE 2016 - Chicago, IL
    Miva Booth #1807

  • When
    Wednesday, June 8
    3:00 PM

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The Leader in Enterprise Ecommerce

Miva is an unparalleled enterprise ecommerce platform standing at the forefront of revolutionary advances in online business. A pioneer in intelligent database design, Miva's dynamic logic engine offers the world's most flexible personalization and ecommerce automation experiences – all from an intuitive management interface.

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Miva believes that all online businesses should have access to a scalable ecommerce platform that can meet their unique business requirements. Miva offers PCI compliant ecommerce, hosting, and custom website design and development solutions. Miva customers have processed over $100 billion in online sales since 1997.

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