PR8 Update 7

Miva Merchant 5.5 PR8 Update 7 is available now and includes a brand new Built-In Mini Basket, an on-page Shipping Estimator, Shipment Status with Import and Export, Customer Login with Email Address, Customer Account Changes, and a Request Support Button.

New Built-In Mini Basket

A site-wide, built in mini-basket is now included. Enable the module and get a mini-basket complete with product name and images.

Restrict the length of the product name, upload an image, or open Advanced Mode for full HTML customization.

Allow any size image in the mini-basket, or constrain it to your specifications.

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Shipping Estimator

A new built in shipping estimator is now available on either your Product (ideal for selling heavy items when people need to estimate shipping before adding to their basket) or add it to your Basket or Checkout Pages.

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Shipment Status Export and Import

Export Pending Shipments and subsequently Import Shipment Status Updates for the same Shipments.

Easily import tracking numbers from UPS WorldShip, FedEx ShipManager, Endicia Dazzle and others.

Prepare your Shipments and then export all the key information to make label generation in other programs a breeze.

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Customer Login with Email Address

Customers may now log in with their username or email address. Default stores will be automatically set to use the email address.

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Customer Account Changes

Customer Account Passwords are now encrypted by default and are automatically encrypted during import.

You can also now set complexity for your customers to increase the quality of their customer passwords.

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Request Support Button

Anywhere you see a Help Icon in the admin interface (or in the upper right corner of the admin, just under the LaunchPad) you can now request help from Support.

Enter in your email address and problem and a support ticket will be created for you right on the spot!

Not only is this the easiest way to request support, but it also sends over much of the critical information about your site that we require to assist you in support (such as where you’re hosted, what type of database you’re using, what Miva Empresa version you’re running, etc…). This allows us to provide you better support, faster.

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Plus more than 40 other new features and 150+ bug fixes.

Click here for the Miva Merchant 5.5 PR8 Update 7 Release Notes