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Subscription Management

Generate recurring revenue by turning any product in your Miva store into a subscription.

Note: The Subscription Management feature requires MivaPay

Turn Any Product Into a Subscription

Any product in your Miva Merchant store can be sold as a subscription. You set the customer-changeable values and let your customers manage the rest.


Tools To Manage Day-To-Day Activity

View upcoming subscription orders, cancelled subscriptions, and failed subscriptions with insight into the reason for failing.

Customers Can Self-Manage Their Subscription

Your customers can change frequency, skip a delivery, change shipping method, update subscription quantity, change payment card and shipping address. You decide what level of control they have.

Leverages the Convenience and Security of MivaPay

Customers can easily save and update cards in their account thanks to MivaPay, our super-secure, PCI-compliant payment system. Learn more about MivaPay.

Automatic Emails

Our notification system can trigger an automatic email response when a new subscription is created, changed or when an authorization fails. It can also notify customers when their saved credit card is about to expire.

Full Reporting Engine

Detailed subscription reporting including:

New Subscriptions


Revenue from Subscriptions

Average Subscriber Length

Churn Rates

Monthly Recurring Revenue

Product-Level Reporting

Start Generating Recurring Revenue Today!

Note: The Subscriptions Feature Requires an Active MivaPay Account

Learn More About MivaPay

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