2m 43s

The Catalog Overview

New to Miva Merchant 9 is The Catalog, which is the place for managing all of your products and categories in your store.

4m 18s

Miva Merchant 9 Admin

This is an introductory walkthrough of the Miva Merchant 9 Admin. The store admin has been completely redesigned to be optimized whether your logging into your store from a smart phone, a tablet, or a computer.

3m 36s

Price Groups Overview

Price Groups just got a whole lot more powerful with Miva Merchant 9. This video breaks down the concepts of this robust Marketing toolset.

50m 24s

ReadyThemes Introduction Webinar

Learn how to build themes with Miva Merchant’s new Ready Themes functionality.

12m 20s

Miva Merchant Image Management Tool

This video explains how the Miva Merchant Image Management tool works and how to make the most of this powerful feature of Miva Merchant PR8.

Activating The Custom Fields Functionality

Miva Merchant has some powerful custom fields functionality that can be utilized to add content to customer accounts, orders, products, and categories. The first step of harnessing this power is to activate the Custom Fields module in your Miva Merchant store admin. This video shows you how.

28m 00s

Leveraging Non-Discount Offers for Success

Many times we assume the only way to see success from "offers" is by discounting the price. That's not always the case. We'll walk through a number of successful strategies e-commerce sites have deployed to increase their revenue and conversion rates without lowering their price point.

26m 4s

Getting Started Selling Online

For our first Meetup in our new location, Brennan Heyde will be giving a talk on "Getting Started Selling Online." This talk will cover 5 major areas to consider when starting a new eCommerce store: Finding the right products, business rules to live by, getting paid, choosing the right ecommerce platform, and how to fulfill an order.

5m 16s

Concurrent Seat Licensing

Although you can create an unlimited number of users at no additional cost to you, the Miva Merchant software only comes with a single Concurrent User license This video explains what how concurrent seat licensing works, and what users will see when logging into a store with all available seats occupied.

3m 50s

Managing Your Concurrent Seat Licenses

You can review and manage your store's concurrent seat licenses via your Seat Billing Account, found in the Domain Settings area of your store admin. This video shows you how to add and remove additional seat licenses, update payment information, and access the billing history of your Seat Billing Account.

2m 3s

Adding A Product

What’s a store without products? Watch this video to see how to add products to your Miva Merchant 9 store from inside The Catalog Screen.

2m 56s

Editing Multiple Records

Miva Merchant 9 optimizes the process of editing records in your store. Watch this video to learn how to speed up your workflow when managing multiple records.

1m 41s

The Image Picker

The Image Picker makes adding images to your products a breeze. Quickly upload new images, or choose from image files already added to the server, using Image Picker. 

4m 18s

Attribute Templates

Learn to create Attribute Templates that can be applied to multiple products.

3m 23s

Adding Parent And Child Categories

In this video we walk through the steps of adding categories to your store as well as explore the concept of parent and child categories.

1m 40s

Creating A New User

Need to create a new user account in your store? Here’s how.

4m 42s

Assigning Products To Categories

Once you get products in your store, you’ll want to assign them to categories. This video takes you step-by-step in doing just that.

3m 32s

User Groups

This video shows you how you can restrict Users from accessing specific parts of the store admin based on the User Group you assign them to.

3m 51s

Maintenance Mode

Sometimes when you’re working on your store pages you need to keep customers from browsing your store until the dust is settled. For times like those you need to turn on Maintenance Mode. Here’s how.

1m 48s

Installing Google Analytics

Installing Google Analytics in your store is simple. Watch this brief video to learn how to get Miva Merchant working with your Google Analytics account.

1m 16s

Getting Technical Support

The Miva Technical Support Team are just a few clicks away. If you ever need a helping hand, open a ticket right from inside the Miva Merchant admin.

3m 50s

Adding Images To Products

Learn the optimal way of adding images to your products so that they display on both product and category pages.

1m 28s

Pagination On Category Pages

Learn how to control the pagination of products on your store categories.

3m 48s

Customizing A Category Header

Need to add content that is unique to a specific category? You can do that by editing the Category Header. This video shows you two ways to do just that.

3m 18s

Shop As Customer

Need to help a customer add products to their basket? You can remotely share their basket session via the Shop As Customer feature.

2m 51s

Exporting Product Data

Miva Merchant allows you to export your store data in a flat file format for editing via a spreadsheet editor. In this video we show you how to export product information.

4m 53s

Importing Product Data

Once you’ve edited your product data the way you want in your flat file you’ll want to import the data back into your store. We walk through the process to show you how.

6m 19s

Importing Product Images Via Flat File

In this video we walk through the steps to prep your store so that you can import product image information using a flat file.

7m 4s


Learn how to create coupons that customers can enter at checkout to get discounts on their purchases.

5m 16s

Generating Coupons In Bulk

This video shows you how you can generate unique coupon codes in bulk. Great for Groupon or Amazon Local campaigns.

8m 33s

Buy X Get Y

We dive into the intricacies of the Buy X Get Y Price Group to explore how to get the most out of this flexible Marketing option.

7m 29s

Free Shipping

Learn how you can offer free shipping to your customers. In this example video we setup free shipping to become available to customers with purchases over $100.

7m 25s

Free Shipping On Select Products

Want to offer free shipping on just some of your products? You can do that by following these simple steps.

5m 45s

Volume Pricing

Volume Pricing allows you to offer scaling discounts based on the number of products a customer has in their basket. Learn how to use this powerful Price Group by watching this video.

2m 34s

Basket Discount

We show you how you can offer discounts to your customers basket total.

2m 28s

Sort Order Of Shipping Options

Miva Merchant 9 allows you to sort the order in which Shipping Options appear to customers at check out. If you want to change how your shipping options are listed, watch this video.

3m 36s

Miva Ecosystem

3m 43s

Creating a Developer Store

8m 20s

Installing the Compiler

5m 50s

Understanding The Limited Source Kit

12m 43s

MivaScript Tags, Functions & Hello World

8m 57s

Miva Merchat Module API – Working With Features

6m 26s

MvFunction – Creating MivaScript Functions

5m 19s

Working With The Database – Part I

6m 04s

Working With The Database – Part II

3m 45s

MvOPENVIEW – Working with Database Views

6m 30s

Ready Theme Overview

8m 49s

Ready Theme Settings

3m 23s

Ready Theme Product Listing

6m 11s

Ready Theme Navigation Sets

5m 54s

Ready Theme Base Framework

36m 11s

Getting To Know Miva Merchant 9

Big changes are in store in Miva Merchant Version 9. We walk you through the new store admin to showcase the redesigned layout and added functionality so you’ll know exactly what to expect when Version 9 is released in just a few weeks.

Sign Up For A Miva Developer Store

Snippets for Sublime Text

5m 10s

History of Miva Merchant

47m 57s

When is outsourcing order fulfillment the best choice for your business?

Shipwire's E-Commerce Business Development Leader, Stephen Maeder, speaks about outsourcing order fulfillment and when it's the right choice for your business. He gives an overview of Shipwire's capabilities, and shares how using Shipwire can help you expand into new markets, scale effortlessly, and keep costs down.

18m 57s

PSD to Miva Part I

21m 02s

PSD to Miva Part II

13m 27s

PSD to Miva Part III

3m 45s

Introduction To Frameworks

4m 24s

Installing a Framework

3m 02s

Saving a Framework

6m 23s

Installing a Module

5m 12s

Deleting a Module

6m 47s

Working with Post and Get Parameters

9m 05s

Working with Cookies

4m 24s

Understanding merchant.mvc

7m 53s

Default Miva Parameters

5m 51s

Miva Actions

8m 17s

File Structure

4m 23s


7m 04s

Staging Changes Before Going Live

7m 10s

Maintenance Mode

9m 55s

Custom Fields Overview

8m 33s

Legacy Custom Fields

1m 07s

New Custom Fields

15m 12s

Custom Field Functions

9m 13s

Custom Basket Fields

8m 25s

Custom Order Fields

2m 24s

Exporting Custom Fields

5m 56s

Debugging Custom Fields

9m 59s


4m 21s

Global and Local Items

7m 45s

Pages Part I

5m 49s

Pages Part II

5m 32s

Pseudo Pages

3m 52s

Product List Layout

3m 32s

Error Messages

7m 56s

Built In Functions

8m 40s

Reading a CSV file

9m 6s

Writing a CSV file

2m 19s

Time Functions

6m 27s

System Variables

7m 15s

Using Miva’s Tokenlist Feature

6m 03s

Assign and Eval

6m 33s

Global vs Local Variables

3m 10s


5m 52s

Output Encoding

7m 32s


2m 50s

Miva l.settings Structure

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