50m 24s

ReadyThemes Introduction Webinar

Learn how to build themes with Miva Merchant’s new Ready Themes functionality.

3m 51s

Walkthrough of The Products Screen

The Products Screen is where you go to manage the products in your Miva Merchant store. We walk you through the different parts of this all-essential area of the store admin.
4m 53s

Miva Merchant Admin Panel Walkthrough

A quick walkthrough of various areas in the Miva Merchant store admin that may be of day to day interest to a store owner.
12m 20s

Miva Merchant Image Management Tool

This video explains how the Miva Merchant Image Management tool works and how to make the most of this powerful feature of Miva Merchant PR8.

Activating The Custom Fields Functionality

Miva Merchant has some powerful custom fields functionality that can be utilized to add content to customer accounts, orders, products, and categories. The first step of harnessing this power is to activate the Custom Fields module in your Miva Merchant store admin. This video shows you how.

6m 30s

Ready Theme Overview

8m 49s

Ready Theme Settings

3m 23s

Ready Theme Product Listing

6m 11s

Ready Theme Navigation Sets

5m 54s

Ready Theme Base Framework

36m 11s

Getting To Know Miva Merchant 9

Big changes are in store in Miva Merchant Version 9. We walk you through the new store admin to showcase the redesigned layout and added functionality so you’ll know exactly what to expect when Version 9 is released in just a few weeks.

47m 57s

When is outsourcing order fulfillment the best choice for your business?

Shipwire's E-Commerce Business Development Leader, Stephen Maeder, speaks about outsourcing order fulfillment and when it's the right choice for your business. He gives an overview of Shipwire's capabilities, and shares how using Shipwire can help you expand into new markets, scale effortlessly, and keep costs down.

36m 59s

Conversion Design For Ecommerce

A site could have quality products at reasonable prices, however, its sales could be significantly hindered by a poor user experience. Each roadblock presented to the customer gives them another reason not to complete the purchase. We identify common design mistakes and provide solutions for category and product pages, shopping carts, and checkout.

26m 28s

Episode #2 (7/24/2014) – “Modern Times”

In this episode we talk about our new website; Moving to a new headquarters; The Miva Merchant Version 9 Beta; Saying good-bye to Miva Central; And we introduce ReadyThemes to the world.
27m 47s

Site Speed Optimization

A website’s speed is a key factor for a successful ecommerce store. Every second of webpage load time will translate into lower conversion rates and lost sales. We discuss why page speed is important and what you can do to make your website load quicker.
30m 43s

SEO Best Practices for eCommerce Stores

Nick Adkins leads a discussion about On-Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices for eCommerce, offering suggestions on how to improve your search engine ranking position (SERP).
40m 20s

5 Easy Steps to Boost International Sales

Are you shipping internationally, but not getting much traffic or sales? Would you like to increase your international sales? Find out how Miva merchants are boosting their international sales in 5 easy steps. Presented by the company that has been driving international online sales for Abercrombie, Best Buy, Claire's, FTD, Urban Outfitters, and many others.
36m 48s

5 Best Shipping Practices to Grow Revenue

In this webinar, ShipWorks, the leader in ecommerce shipping, will share how ecommerce retailers can ship like a pro. This seminar will cover topics like how to optimizing shipping within your Miva Merchant store; how to streamline the shipping process; and how to scale shipping processes as business grows.
44m 48s

Ecommerce And UX Best Practices

While the accepted user experience (UX) principles apply to all websites, ecommerce sites have a greater challenge as these sites have more complex interactions with users including category and product pages, shopping carts, shipping methods, payment options and other components of online buying. Miva's Donna Sandsmark discusses how to improve UX for ecommerce.
35m 50s

Episode #1 (3/27/2014) – “Ballast Point Pale Ale”

Where we talk about best practices for managing credit card security; our revamped Miva Merchant Videos; free developer stores for all; the crazy awesome Miva Bootstrap Developer Framework; schmoozing it up at our San Diego Ecommerce Meetups; and MivaCon 2014.
30m 26s

Responsive Web Design For Ecommerce

Responsive Web Design is a great way to give your clients the best experience across any device whether it is on a tablet, desktop, or mobile. In this presentation Brennan Heyde discusses what Responsive Web Design is; the design Challenges Choosing a Responsive Framework; testing a responsive website; and the gotchas to consider for eCommerce.
43m 13s

Why Email Marketing Is Still King

In the brave new world of Social Media Marketing, Email is still far and away the biggest ROI driver. Find out how to use Email marketing to propel your business.
37m 16s

Bongo: Discover the Benefits and Challenges of International Shipping

What are international shoppers buying? What Markets are growing? Is International Expansion the right choice for my Business? How does a 3rd party Global Logistics Provider operate anyway? These questions and more answered by Bongo International, one of the fastest growing US Technology Companies in The Deloitte Fast500.

4PSite And Miva Merchant

4Psite's order management system allows you to streamline and seamlessly manage orders through payment processing to inventory, fulfillment, shipping and returns, with multi-store integration. With 4Psite's new integration with Miva, you will be able to grow your e-commerce business and boost your revenues.
5m 16s

Prepping Your Store For The Bootstrap Framework

Watch this video before you attempt to install the Miva Bootstrap Framework into your Miva Merchant store. We walk you through everything you need to do before installing this new Framework.
2m 21s

Installing The Miva Bootstrap Framework

This video takes you through the steps of installing the Miva Bootstrap Frameworking into your Miva Merchant store. Warning: Its recommended that you install Frameworks into new stores only. If you DO install this Framework into an existing store, please save a copy of your existing Framework first.

10m 46s

Bootstrap Framework - Storefront Page

We take a tour of the Storefront page with the Miva Bootstrap Framework installed. We show off the new features and where you can find them in the Miva Merchant store admin.
55m 20s

T-Hub By Atandra

T-Hub makes it easy to connect your Miva Merchant store to your Quickbooks records. It works with various versions of Quickbooks like Quickbooks Online and Quickbooks POS. In this webinar we talk about the different versions of T-Hub and how it could work for you.
38m 51s

Introducing The Canada Post Shipping Module For Miva Merchant

On November 27th, 2013 we held a joint webinar between Miva Merchant and Canada Post introducing the new integrated shipping module that allows merchants to offer shipping options through Canada Post.
5m 28s

Launch Pad Explained

Launch Pad can help you get around the Miva Merchant admin more quickly. Let's take a tour of this oft-overlooked time saving feature.
3m 6s

The Miva Merchant Community Forums

The Miva Merchant Community Forums are the place to be for keeping up to speed with all things Miva. The forums are also a great resource if you have any questions regarding your Miva Merchant store.
3m 57s

Adding Images To Your Products

In this video we go over the legacy method of adding images to your products. We talk about some of its limitations so that you can compare the old and new workflows for adding images to products in Miva.
4m 10s

Adding Product Images With The Additional Images Tab

The Additional Images tab has many advantages over the legacy method of adding images to your products. This video takes a look at those advantages as well as walks you through the steps of adding some images to an example product.
4m 16s

Image Types: Adding Product Images On The Category Page

We show you how to set up your Category Display Pages to use the images from the Additional Images tab. This process requires you set up a Image Type which you can then assign to the Category Display Page template.
5m 9s

Image Types: Resizing Your Product Images

When using the Additional Images tab to power your product images, you have the ability to affect their display size on both the Product Display Page as well as the Category Display page. Let's have a look at these resizing options.
2m 51s

Batch Image Assign

Learn to quickly upload and assign multiple product images to multiple products in your store using the Batch Image Assign feature.
4m 1s

Intro To Attributes

You can assign attributes to products in your store. Attributes offer shoppers choices to specific details of your products. We walk you through setting up an attribute in this video.
1m 26s

Assigning Products To Categories

Learn how to assign products to categories in your Miva Merchant store.
4m 24s

Attribute Templates

Attribute Templates allows you to create a template "stencil" which can then be applied to multiple products as needed. This video walk you through the steps of creating and then assigning attribute templates.
53m 29s

Introduction To Amazon Payments for Miva Merchant

Miva Merchant and Amazon held a live webinar on October 31st, 2013 talking about the recently released Amazon Payments module. We explain what Amazon Payments is, and cover how to setup and use the service. After the presentation, we opened up the webinar to a Q and A session where attendees were free to ask questions they had regarding Amazon Payments.
4m 1s

Adding A Product To Your Miva Merchant Store

We walk you through the steps of adding a product to your Miva Merchant Store.
3m 55s

Sorting Products In Miva Merchant

Here is how you can sort the display order of the products in your store. We go over sort products on both the Category Display pages as well as the Product List page.
2m 51s

Page Template Versions

When you make changes to a page template in Miva Merchant, the system automatically saves a snapshot of your template code and stores it under Versions. We explore this versioning functionality in this video.
4m 24s

Setting Up New User Accounts

This video walks you through the steps in creating a new user account for your Miva Merchant store, and the various preferences available on a per user level.
4m 5s

Administrators and Groups

Miva Merchant allows you to create multiple user accounts that can log into your store admin. You can even create different tiers of users that have full or limited access to the store admin pages. Here's how.
3m 5s

Maintenance Mode

In this video we introduce the Maintenance Mode feature, which is used for taking your store temporarily offline so that you can update pages and troubleshoot issues in your store without a stream of customers stumbling unto unfinished work.
4m 35s

Global Tabs Vs Non-Global Tabs

In this video we explore some template fields in the Pages area of the Miva Merchant admin, and we cover the difference between Global Tabs and Non-Global Tabs.
4m 27s

Tips to Speed Up Workflow In The Miva Merchant Admin

We discuss the concept of having one browser tab open for your store admin where you can do some work, and another browser tab open to the front end of your store so that you can check your work. We also show you some shortcut links in the admin, to quickly get to your store's runtime.
2m 9s

Getting Help With Miva Merchant

Miva Merchant is a robust ecommerce system. Because of this, you may find yourself in need of assistance from time to time. Thankfully there are a number of resources at your disposal.
18m 56s

Miva Merchant Image Types And Inventory Variants

Miva Merchant's new additional images features allow ecommerce storeowners to have complete control over how their product images are displayed. In this video, Brennan Heyde, Miva Merchant Technical Director Of Professional Services, explains how to set up and work with additional image types and image attributes.
5m 31s

Google Analytics Module

The Analytics Module comes baked into the Miva Merchant software. Google Analytics is a powerful must-have resource for any online store owner and now it's easier than ever to get your Miva store up and running with it.

10m 7s

The Token List

The Token List helps you see what variables and entities are available to each dynamic page template that makes up the Miva Merchant store. This Rewards video serves as a basic introduction of the Token List, and we'll also cover steps for setting up your first "if...else" statement using the MVT Template language.
11m 24s

Importing and Exporting Data

Miva Merchant allows you to import and export data via flat file. Here is a walk through of the process.

2m 40s

Shop As Customer

If your company engages in a lot of customer service interaction over the phone, you may find this feature quite useful. “Shop As Customer” allows you to log into a shopping session your customer created, and assist with adding and removing content to the basket.
5m 54s

Batch Reports

Batch Reports consolidate data across multiple orders and make the information accessable in one organized report. Miva Merchant comes with two types of batch reports by default: the Pick List and the Printable Invoice. Both are completely customizable, or create your own if more personalization is required. Here's a quick breakdown of Batch Reports in the Miva Merchant software.
18m 09s

Toolkit - Bestseller

Learn how to setup a Bestseller list in your Miva Merchant store using the Toolkit 3rd Party Module.

SOC 101 - Store Settings

SOC 102 - Product And Category Management

SOC 103 - Order Management/Fulfillment and Reporting

DTS 201: Writing Better HTML

In Lesson One we'll take a look at writing better HTML. Knowing which elements to use in each situation can help you start writing better HTML right away.

DTS 202: CSS Syntax, Selectors and Specificity

Now that we know which HTML elements to use, we should also know how to style them properly. Once we build the foundation with our CSS, we can move on to creating complex layouts.

DTS 203: CSS Floats, Box Model, Padding and Margin

Now that we know how to write better CSS, it's time to start creating basic layouts. We'll take a look at the box model and how to deal with floats.

DTS 204: Coding Out a Static Build Pt. 1

In this lesson we'll take a look at our framework, then we'll start coding out some of the global elements in our layout.

DTS 205: Coding Out a Static Build Pt. 2

In Lesson five we'll start coding out our most common pages, the Storefront, Category and Product pages.

DTS 206: Day 6 Integrating a Static Build Pt. 1

In this lesson we'll start integrating our global elements from the static build into our Miva Merchant website.

DTS 207: Integrating a Static Build Pt. 2

Now that we have our global elements styled, we'll start building out our category and product pages.

DTS 208: Integrating a Static Build Pt. 3

It's time to put the finishing touches on our integration, we'll start with the single pages then proceed through the checkout.

DTS 209: Advanced Tool Kit

In this lesson we'll take a look at creating better breadcrumbs and better category pages.

DTS 210: Advanced Tool Kit Pt. 2

In the last day we're going to take our Tool Kit knowledge to the next level and combine it with some Javascript. We'll take a look at that code and also some best practices for using Javascript in your store.
4m 54s

The Swatch Attribute Type Explained

The Swatch Attribute is perfect for displaying options like color variations of a product you sell. Watch this video to see how you can setup this unique Attribute Type in your store.
6m 12s

Configuring a Shipping Method

One of the first things you want to do in a brand new Miva Merchant store is configure a shipping method. If you don't have a shipping method configured, when a customer goes to check out they'll get an error message saying that shipping could not be calculated for their basket. Watch the video for steps on configuring shipping for your store.
5m 8s

Add a Category and Subcategory - Step by step instructions

DTS 101: Introduction

In Lesson One we're going to take a quick tour of the admin, learn about the Miva Merchant file structure, and also dive into frameworks.
2m 42s

Inventory Variants Demystified

In this video we explain what Inventory Variants are all about. We cover some concepts behind product attributes that lead to the creation of this advanced feature in Miva Merchant.
11m 5s

Configuring Inventory Variants

In this video we cover the steps for configuring product attributes to use Inventory Variants.

DTS 102: Building Blocks of Miva Merchant

Before we get started writing templates, it’s important that we understand how Store Morph Technology works. By knowing the theory and proper application of the templating system, it will be much easier to solve complex problems in the future.
3m 34s

Attribute Sorting And Default Attribute Options

Learn how to set a default attribute option, and to sort the order in which your attributes display on your product pages.
8m 22s

Setting up Inventory Tracking

Miva Merchant allows you to track the inventory levels of your products. We take a deep look at all of the settings and options available to you when you enable this useful feature in your Miva Merchant store.

DTS 103: Getting Started with Page Templates

Now that we understand how and why Store Morph Technology (SMT) works, we're going to start digging into our page templates. We'll start with the Storefront page and then move onto a more dynamic page for our Categories.
4m 36s

Price Groups Defined And How To Set Them Up

If you regularly offer special pricing to a select group of customers than you will want to setup Price Groups in your store. In this example video, we go through the steps of configuring a price group called Wholeseller, to show you everything you need to know about Price Groups.
2m 42s

Adding And Managing Customers

This video walks you through the steps for getting a customer setup with a customer account in your Miva Merchant store.

DTS 104: Digging Into the Product Page

One of the most complex pages is the Product page. We'll take a look at displaying products, related products, inventory, and one of the most powerful features in any CMS, custom fields.

DTS 105: Login & Checkout Pages

Since we are calculating shipping, tax and other charges, the checkout process of a website can easily become the most complex part with so many variables required on each page.

DTS 106: Extend Functionality with Modules

Modules can greatly extend the functionality of Miva Merchant to interact with APIs, store custom data or almost anything else you can imagine. We'll take a look at why they exist and where to find them. Then, we'll check out some basic Toolkit functions.

DTS 107: Practical Uses of Toolkit

The Toolkit module adds some much needed functionality to the templating language when we want to do advanced operations. We'll take a look at some of our most used Toolkit functions and practical places to use them in this lesson.

DTS 108: Mastering the Admin Pt. 1

In this lesson we'll take a look at SEO links and setting up our payment and shipping methods. We'll also learn about managing orders and importing/exporting data so you can easily train your clients when you launch their store.
3m 33s

Resorting categories and subcategories

So now you have categories in your store but you'd like to know how to sort the order in which they display on your store pages. This video shows you how to manage your categories to display in the order you want them to.
3m 21s

Category Pagination

When displaying multiple products on your category pages you have the ability to control how many you want to show at a time. This is called category pagination, and we show you how to configure it to your needs.
6m 30s

Category Headers and Footers

There are category page headers and footers, and there are category specific headers and footers. We take a look at their differences and where you need to go in the admin to add content to them.
3m 46s

Managing Categories and Subcategories

In this video we show you how to see the structure of the categories in your store, as well as additional ways of adding subcategories and products.

DTS 109: Mastering the Admin Pt. 2

Today we'll step into some more features and processes in the admin. We'll explore mostly new features from PR 8 including reports, custom emails and the basics of order processing.

DTS 110: Image Machine

One of the most impressive features in PR 8 is Image Machine. We'll go through the basics of the feature and work our way to more advanced applications.

Setting Up An Order Custom Field

In this video we walk through the steps of configuring a "Notes" text area inside of the Manage Orders section of the Miva Merchant store admin. It can be used for adding notes and comments to an order that you may want to remember. Watch the video to see how to set it up using custom fields.
7m 31s

Setting Up A Product Custom Field

Custom fields really shine when used for products. In this video we walk through setting up numerous custom fields that can be applied to any number of products that share similar features.