The 12 Best Ecommerce Sites of 2017

For the first time in history, manufacturers can take to the Internet to compel a customer experience unique to their brand, driving higher conversion rates and loyalty. But where ecommerce once meant pinning product to a dotcom just to be online, advancements in technology and consumer expectations have paved the way for industry leaders to innovate the digital marketplace—leaders worthy of being honored for the best ecommerce sites of 2017.

Almost 9 out of 10 U.S. consumers say they would pay more to ensure a superior customer experience (HelpScout)

Taking the leap into a relatively new space is no easy task. Thankfully, we’ve been fortunate to partner with manufacturers driven to forge a customer experience worthy of their brand, combining their vision with our technology to do so. Recognized at the 2017 Blades Awards for excellence in design, functionality, customer experience, branding, and efficiency, these sites were built upon the Miva Merchant platform in 2016.

Best Enterprise Ecommerce Sites of 2017

At the enterprise level, “more” is simply not enough. More products, more customers, more traffic, and more moving parts require grace under pressure. Online businesses of this scale demand leading-edge creative design and the sophisticated management of inventory, order, and fulfillment systems. By leveraging data and automation to offer a world-class customer experience, these spectacular Blades Award nominees for Best Enterprise Site created the most powerful ecommerce solutions of the year.

  1. Bare Bones Broth

    Bare Bones Broth Nourishes Healthy Retention  | Winner: Best Enterprise Ecommerce Site

    The farm-to-table movement has moved into our homes thanks to a bold, colorful site showcasing the core health and culinary philosophy of stock makers Bare Bones Broth. Gorgeous full-page banners and modern parallax page movement direct the eye through an outstanding and effective user experience, while dynamic product displays and innovative subscription purchasing have bumped online sales 400%, lending to one of the best ecommerce sites of 2017.

  2. 1806v01_BlogImages+ArtificalPlants&Trees

    Artificial Plants & Trees Nurtures Community

    How does one provide a seamless shopping experience with over 15,000 products in tow? Just ask Artificial Plants and Trees, the eRetailer with the largest selection of artificial silk plants and trees online. Their fully responsive site prioritizes product organization and displays mingled with engaging lifestyle content to activate brand community.

  3. 1806v01_BlogImages+NHS

    NHS Fun Factory Makes Marks with Deck Builder

    NHS Fun Factory lives up to its name, seamlessly integrating brands and community, technology and trends to create the premier online destination for skateboards and skate culture worldwide. Skaters can custom assemble bespoke products across categories, specs, and even brands with an industry-exclusive custom deck builder.

  4. 1806v01_BlogImages+Scottevest

    SCOTTeVEST Insulates Conversion with Cool Tech

    High-function fashion outfitters SCOTTeVest treats customers to an elevated experience through its sophisticated, conversion-driving display of product attributes and content. A live visual demo of each product’s look and performance in x-ray mode plus dynamic 360-degree views and video takes modern merchandising to new grounds of cool.

Best Small Business Ecommerce Sites of 2017

For small businesses, innovation is key to competing like a leader. These outstanding nominees for best small business website deliver big-league results by creatively using Miva’s latest tools for branding, product presentation, personalized web experiences, and custom data integration. As these fresh and innovative sites prove, next-level ecommerce is limited only by imagination.

  1. Independent Iron

    Independent Iron Rallies Rider Loyalty | Winner:  Best Small Business Ecommerce Site

    Independent Iron’s bold American V-Twin motorcycle superstore leverages strong design, iconic imagery, excellent use of product attributes, and abundant customer resources to deliver a creative, precise, and relevant shopping experience. In doing so, this Blades Award nominee captures the total lifestyle of this adventurous and passionate community to a tee, making for one of the best ecommerce sites of the year.

  2. 1806v01_BlogImages+DrapeStyle

    DrapeStyle Dresses up Its Online Display

    With an emphasis on choice, options, and custom everything, DrapeStyle’s sophisticated drapery fabric and window covering site deliver a visual navigation and innovative fabric swatch displays to cater to the design-oriented customer.

  3. 1806v01_BlogImages+BedBathHome

    Bed Bath Home Modernizes Merchandising

    This family-owned business delivers enterprise-level sophistication across a vast product catalog of linen, bedding, and decor, modernizing such merchandising techniques as sale messaging, reviews, and targeted upsells to drive conversions and deliver quality service.

  4. 1806v01_BlogImages+HomeDecorating

    The Home Decorating Company Dazzles Homes and Customers

    Home Decorating Company’s luxury bedding mega-store maximizes customer choice and boosts conversions by balancing promotions with effective product and category organization. Furthermore, easy-to-navigate collections encourage an increase in the value of every order.

Best Features Ecommerce Sites of 2017

There’s no one-size-fits-all in modern ecommerce. Businesses demand custom solutions for selling, fulfilling, growing, and planning, while customers deserve an increasingly personalized and unique shopping experience. This year’s excellent nominees for best website feature put customer satisfaction first with conversion-boosting features like custom product builders, easy-to-use calculators, intuitive cart management, and seamless, multi-channel integration.

  1. 1709-Best-Ecommerce-Sites-of-2017-NHS

    NHS Fun Factory Stokes Serious Skaters  | Winner: Best Ecommerce Site Feature

    The key feature of the NHS Fun Factory super-site is a fully custom skateboard builder which locks in customer satisfaction by allowing users to live-configure their dream rig down to the last detail, then add to cart as a fully built custom package. With its use of innovative, custom ecommerce features, it is no surprise the NHS Fun Factory site is considered one of the best ecommerce sites of the year.

  2. 1806v01_BlogImages+GrowersSolution

    Growers Solution Adds Up to Boost Conversion

    Greenhouse supply authority Growers Solution caters directly to the custom needs of every order with a conversion-boosting shade cloth calculator, allowing customers to live update prices and dial in the perfect specs.

  3. 1806v01_BlogImages+ArtificialMulti

    Artificial Plants & Trees Grows Customer Order Size

    Artificial Plants and Trees expertly uses Miva’s multi Add-to-Cart feature to encourage customers to increase order size while they enjoy a streamlined shopping experience across more than 15,000 products.

  4. 1806v01_BlogImages+BTO

    BTO Sports Revs Up Personalized Recommendations

    As the number one destination for motocross gear worldwide, BTO Sports uses Miva’s Product Page Upsell feature to offer customers precise suggestions from thousands of products across dozens of brands and categories.

Most Improved Ecommerce Sites of 2017

A site redesign is the perfect opportunity to redefine the brand, streamline efficiency, and dazzle customers with a truly modern user experience. These outstanding nominees for the most improved website have leveraged exciting new designs, custom product display, and next-level integration tools to dramatically improve and update their stores. The bar has officially been raised!

  1. G Code

    G-Code Holsters Packs in Sophistication | Winner:  Most Improved Ecommerce Site

    G-Code’s powerful new site at uses iconic imagery, intuitive site organization, and sophisticated product displays to offer customers total freedom of choice and an infinitely customizable, modern shopping experience.

  2. 1806v01_BlogImages+HSM

    Hats, Scarves and More Empowers Community

    Hats, Scarves and More, makers of comfortable, fashionable headwear for women experiencing hair loss due to cancer treatment and alopecia, demonstrates the power of ecommerce to create community. The site weaves an authentic brand story with dynamic product displays and inspiring testimonials for a seamless shopping experience empowering customers with the freedom to live a happier life.

  3. 1806v01_BlogImages+LollarSound

    Lollar Pickups Strikes a Chord With Music Lovers

    The timeless passion and expertise that shapes Lollar Pickups and their hand-crafted guitar and bass pickups are reflected in their site redesign. By utilizing gorgeous product photography, advanced customization features, and SoundCloud integration, music enthusiasts won’t miss a note.

  4. 1806v01_BlogImages+Isobella&Chole

    Isobella & Chloe Charms With Style

    Isobella and Chloe demonstrate the power of a cohesive, colorful, and beautifully intuitive site design, utilizing beautiful photography, a fine-tuned CSS style sheet, and thoughtful product organization to offer customers a charming, conversion-inspiring vision of the brand.

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