4 Simple Online Marketing Strategies for Your Business

Everyone knows how the internet has shaped the way the world works and how much of of an impact it has on us all. Likewise, internet marketing has changed the way business owners market their businesses to customers and new strategies are emerging every day.  If you are an online business owner that wants to reach new customers online, then here are a few easily-missed yet very effective online marketing strategies to get you going:

Keep It Simple

One of the most commonly forgotten trends in marketing is keeping marketing messages simple rather than more in-depth messages that will lose your audience.  It can be tempting to fit as much information in an ad as possible, yet the opposite is actually more effective. Top brands in the world like Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Coca-Cola understand the importance simplicity in their logos and marketing. Make sure that your online marketing ads are clean, uncluttered, and concise word choices. Advertisements that scream at consumers with too much information in one ad can turn consumers away and are unattractive to the eye. Some of the most innovative marketers are moving towards a more minimalistic approach and creating campaign messages that are more clean-cut, simple, and easy to understand.

Become Mobile-Friendly

The widespread use of smartphones and tablets is quickly growing, so it is imperative that online businesses create content that is accessible to mobile users. Customers are now expecting that browsing your ecommerce store on their mobile device will be easy to do and fully optimized for a quick checkout. Online businesses should create an alternate mobile version of their website that is trendy and easy to use through mobile optimization. Ecommerce businesses will lose customers to competitors who have already adapted to the mobile device culture if they do not quickly adapt as well. The shift from PCs and laptops to mobile devices will continue to grow, and every online business needs to grow along with that shift to stay relevant.

Get Featured On Niche Blogs

Getting your company mentioned in a major magazine may be a difficult task to conquer, but being published on a popular niche blog is not a hard process at all. You can create marketing opportunities that are relevant to your online business. Identify a few blogs that target your market and contact the creator of those blogs. When you contact the author of the specific blog you want to be featured on, offer them a few ideas of how you would bring readers to his or her blog. Along with sending the blogger ideas that you’d like to add to the blog, ask them if you can interview them for your site in return.  Make sure that you follow Google’s best link practices in order to keep your website SEO in tact.

Create YouTube Videos

YouTube is a powerful platform for marketing your online business. YouTube gains an outstanding number of 800 million visitors a month, so it is something you might want to consider while thinking about marketing your business online. While creating videos on YouTube for the world to see, think outside of the box and do not just post random videos of your product or service. Call the viewers to action by actually asking the viewers to subscribe to your channel. Give a clear and complete message to the viewer, and let the viewer know exactly what your company is and what it does so that there is no confusion.

On the world wide web, the sky is the limit for advertising strategies.  These 4 tactics are often dismissed or forgotten when implementing an online marketing strategy, but they can be very appealing to potential customers.  In addition to common online marketing strategies, try out one or all of these strategies to reach a new cache of customers.

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