4 Steps to get on Google Shopping

As you might already know, Google will be phasing out its Product Listings and replacing it with Google Shopping, its new CPC program on October 1st.

To help guide you through the transition to Google Shopping, GoDataFeed,  a MIVA-Merchant integrated shopping feed partner, is offering its
4 Steps to Get on Google Shopping Guide.

Why Get on Google Shopping Now?

    • Google’s Incentives– they will give retailers 10% off throughout 2012, and/or a $100 merchant credit, for existing Google Products retailers
  • Google Shopping’s simpler shopping experience lets MIVA Merchants differentiate their offers to gain better quality traffic
  • You will need time before the holidays to launch and refine your PLAs
  • Getting on Google Shopping early gives you a competitive edge
  • You can that engage shoppers through your PLA ads


Get a head start

We understand that the transition to Google Shopping can be daunting for many online retailers, which is why GoDataFeed, put together this 4-step guide to walk you through the process.

Download this guide to learn how to:

    1. Take advantage of Google’s Incentives
  • Link both Google Accounts
  • Create the first Product Listing Ads
  • Setup and Optimize the Google Feed


Still have questions?
You can contact GoDataFeed, directly at 954.745-7998, or email us at contact @ godatafeed.com today.