5 Strategies To Increase Your Ecommerce Conversions

Are you looking to increase sales for your online business? If so, you have come to right place.

Online businesses are always looking for ways to increase their sales.  If you are unsure of some of the ways to do this, we have 5 strategies that will help convert your website visitors into frequent customers:

Offer Only One Product on Your Home Page

There have been many studies on whether offering fewer products or services in one place with descriptions on those products will always result into higher sales, and it was found that the fewer the products you offer, the more you will sell each time. Instead of offering a large range of products with minimal detail about each one, you should only offer one product on your home page and have a full description about how amazing that specific product is. You can really focus on showcasing all of the benefits your product or service has to offer.  Once people are only shown one product to offer, they are more likely to buy that one product instead of having too many options and not picking anything at all.

Flash Sales

Flash sales create a sense of urgency, and that is why they are a great way to increase online sales. They make people feel like they have to hurry and take advantage of the sale because it is only available for a short period of time. You should announce that you will be having a flash sale weeks prior across all of the social media networks that you are apart of. While announcing that you will be having a flash sale, do not say when the sale will occur. This will have people continuously checking your site to see when it’s taking place and people will most likely sign up to mailing lists and newsletters.

Offer Coupons

Coupon use is something that has soared since the recession. People are always searching for ways to get cheaper prices and bargains. Enticing customers into buying your products with the use of a coupon code is a great way to increase sales. Make the coupon codes available only to people who have signed up to your mailing lists or only to people who follow you on Facebook or Twitter. This will increase your number of followers on social media and will also add more people to your mailing list.

Simplify Your Checkout Process

In this graph, out of the top grossing 100 ecommerce stores, the average checkout process consisted of 5.08 steps(Checkout Usability Benchmark).

This graph shows that having a simplified checkout can actually increase your sales, according to the top 100 grossing ecommerce sites (Checkout Usability Benchmark).

One of the best ways to increase conversions on your ecommerce store is to make the checkout process easy with clear call to actions.  Having a complex checkout process can lead to abandoned shopping carts and decreased sales.  Try live testing your checkout will help reveal areas where your customers are getting stuck and can show you areas where you could improve the checkout process.

Update Your Website

A/B testing is a great way to improve your ecommerce website’s look and feel.  Try out different headers, color schemes, layouts, and pricing models to find out what changes could help increase your sales.  Sometimes even changing a simple thing such as the color of your call to action can impact the number of sales your online business makes.