7 Types of Consumer Personas

The most common 7 Types of Consumer Personas

How well do you know your consumers?  It is important to thoroughly understand your target market in order to tailor the shopping experience to them.

For each online store, there are hundreds of factors that help to attract or deter certain shoppers. It is important that, as an ecommerce storeowner, you understand the different types of behavioral archetypes that can be affected by different tactics.

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What are the Different Types of Customer Personas?

User Experience has identified 7 ecommerce shopper personas.  By recognizing and customizing your online store to align with the tactics for your shoppers’ personas, you will be better able to maximize your online reach and capture more sales.

This great infographic by User Experience shows the different core personas and the juxtaposed tactics that will support a positive shopping experience.

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Learn how to use psychology to increase your eCommerce sales.