8 Common Ecommerce Mistakes Small Businesses Make

With so many ecommerce websites available, online customers have high expectations when shopping online.  These days, customers want to be able to find the products they want easily and buy those products in just a few quick steps. Many business owners are aware of the importance of usability and try to maintain their websites themselves. In fact, one third of online business owners choose to maintain their websites themselves.  Unfortunately, many critical factors of customer retention and conversion can be missed in the website maintenance process.

It is crucial to have a website that is updated and maintained in order to form long lasting relationships with your customers.  Having experienced web developers handy will help to ensure that your webpage loads quickly, that there is intuitive navigation, and an optimized checkout process.

This infographic created by Column Five Media for MyCase highlights some of the common (and costly) mistakes small business owners make when trying to maintain their website by themselves.

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Maintaining an ecommerce website is never finished; it is an ongoing process.  Google analytics is a great tool for business owners to track and improve their website changes.  These days, it is more crucial than ever to ensure your ecommerce store is optimized in order to avoid these costly mistakes.