Advanced Miva Merchant Troubleshooting with Jon Burchmore

Jon Burchmore, CTO and Chief Product Architect of Miva Merchant, goes over how to do advanced diagnostics and troubleshooting with Miva Merchant (specifically focusing on the debugging tools added to the 5.17 and higher Miva Empresa Engine).  In this video, filmed at MivaCon 2013, Jon Burchmore gives an overview of the diagnostic tools and techniques that Miva Merchant has developed over the past few years.  In addition, you’ll be introduced to the top new capabilities, features, and debugging tools for the Miva Merchant shopping cart software.

Jon Burchmore goes over an in-depth explanation of how web developers and advanced Miva Merchant users can setup and use these new advanced diagnostics in order to get the most out of their Miva Merchant stores.

MivaCon 2013 – Advanced Miva Merchant Troubleshooting with Jon Burchmore from Rick Wilson on Vimeo.

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About Jon Burchmore Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Burchmore has over 20 years in the computer industry in both technical and management roles. During Jon’s tenure at Miva Merchant he’s been the driving force behind the industry-leading technology used in Miva products. Jon organized a variety of internal systems and managed a team of developers who regularly brought quality products to market in a timely fashion. Prior to Miva, Jon was a developer at Hyland Software, one of the foremost electronic document management companies.