Amazon Fails to Deliver on Much Anticipated “Prime Day”


Amazon seemingly fails as Wal-Mart prevails on what some people are calling “Christmas in July.” The much anticipated “Prime Day” was countered by Wal-Mart as the discount store decided to join in the hype.

While Wal-Mart is estimated to make millions, Amazon, who is offering free shipping on all “Prime Day” purchases could be facing a loss. The tagline “Happy Prime Day” has been replaced on Social Media; the word “happy” dropped from the tagline Amazon created to spread word on their highly anticipated “flash sales”, being offered in celebration of their 20th Anniversary. Phrases like #AmazonFail, #UnhappyPrimeDay, #GoBackToSleep and #PrimeDayFail are flooding social media by unhappy Prime users who were unable to make a single purchase.

Shoppers are claiming that not only are the products less appetizing than what Wal-Mart is offering, but the opportunity to even purchase these products is minimal. While Amazon did advertise their 20 year celebration as a 24 hour “flash sale,” users are shocked by the literal meaning of the word “flash,” saying the sale goes up and within seconds the item is SOLD OUT. Keep in mind thousands of these unhappy Amazon Prime customers were anticipating Prime Day so much, they stayed up until midnight just to be the first to cash in on these deals, only to find that they weren’t the only ones. And with so little products available, Amazon has upset more than they might have anticipated. 

So that brings up a good point. We all know the motive behind Prime Day was to grab new customers, but what about the existing ones? Was it really worth it Amazon? It will be interesting to see the numbers, but until then, we will just continue to speculate and wonder did Amazon, this mega million dollar big box giant really screw up royally? And more importantly, will they make any money? 

Amazon is known for overspending to acquire new customers, but if these flash sales are as they seem and only a small number of shoppers are actually getting the deals, how much money can actually be made? Not to mention, part of the promotion is to offer free shipping to all Prime Day shoppers as having a Prime account boasts that benefit on every other day of the year. 

So in the end, somebody is benefiting from Amazon’s slashed prices, but is it enough to save Prime Day? Many stockholders were weary about the “Christmas in July” concept, saying it’s going to shift consumer spending habits. Did Amazon consider that? Or is it all about acquiring new customers? One thing is for sure, the convenience of being an Amazon Prime Member every other day of the year might over rule this very bad day in Amazon history, keeping a lot of those angry customers on board despite their disapointment.