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BTO Sports: Revving Up Omnichannel Growth With Miva

August 2017 marks 20 years at the forefront of ecommerce for Miva—a milestone worth celebrating with those we are proud to call partners, clients, and friends.

BTO Sports, a top worldwide retailer of premium motocross gear, is one such client we are proud to ride alongside. Birthed around the ecommerce explosion of 1999, BTO Sports seized the opportunity to meet their rabid fanbase in thrilling new ways—and they’ve grown nonstop ever since. Today BTO Sports is the #1 destination for riding enthusiasts, and a brand raising the bar for omnichannel growth.

In honor of our 20th year anniversary, BTO Sports Marketing & Ecommerce Project Manager Albert Nguyen shared a look into seven years revving up success on Miva software.

Miva and BTO Sports: Shifting Opportunity into High Gear

BTO Sports on choosing Miva:

We chose Miva because it was the most cost-effective option at the time and had everything that we needed for an ecommerce site. We were happy with the service and attention provided to us and loved the ease of access of Miva personnel.

Miva, as a company, seems very agile. There seems to be many moving parts and personnel that move around according to their specialties, no matter what their office is.

“When there is a high priority, emergency action item, the team always finds a solution fairly quickly to keep our site up.” -Albert Nguyen, Marketing & Ecommerce Project Manager, BTO Sports

On the impact Miva has had on their business:

Selling on Miva really impacted our business by giving us an easy way to connect our customers to the products they desire, and that continues to happen today. Our product pages have evolved since we first debuted and now look much more clean and inviting due to the constant evolution of Miva Design.

On the evolution of Miva:

The Miva platform has evolved very well with the changing landscape in ecommerce. Making the backend more user-friendly, changing visually to keep up with popular page builds, and making sure all the newest features are available to deploy on our website are all things that are happening all the time.

On the necessity of innovation:

Innovation is important to us and our business because not only is the landscape of ecommerce ever-changing, our demographic tends to be very visual and social. Finding new, exciting ways to connect them with the products they want is a mainstay for our business.

“On the technical side, the ease of API use with Miva is a godsend when trying to integrate different services with our website.” -Albert Nguyen, BTO Sports

Miva is the right company to work with when it comes to innovation in the ecommerce industry because they are always trying to better themselves and incorporate all the new and popular features into their platform. Apple Pay is just one example of this.

BTO Sports on 20 years of Miva:

It has been very exciting to be a part of Miva’s growth the last 20 years. We have made some great strides in our industries alongside each other and have really helped each other grow as companies. It has been a pleasure working with Miva, and you guys deserve all the accolades and success that have come your way over the years.

“Let’s make the next 20 years even better than the last!” -Albert Nguyen, BTO Sports