Amazon Prime Day: How your store can win today

The biggest day for online sales is here, and we’re not talking about Black Friday. Today is Amazon Prime Day: an annual event rewarding Prime subscribers with exclusive deals, and a wave of rampant online shopping worth riding for all retailers.

Here are two ways Miva can elevate your online presence to benefit from Amazon Prime Day:

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The Google Antitrust Case—and Your Ecommerce Store

The European Union slapped Google with a record €2.42 billion fine ($2.7 billion U.S.) for violating E.U. antitrust rules. E.U. antitrust chief Margrethe Vestager says the tech giant abused its dominance in the search engine market to prioritize its own online shopping service. And though the Google antitrust case—and its effects—are currently isolated to the E.U., the implications echo to any business owner vying to compete in a highly competitive online market.

Catch up with the E.U. antitrust case against Google in this post and then dive into how you can leverage the lessons from this unfolding case to your business’ advantage.

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Ecommerce Trends 2017: Kleiner Perkins’ Top 3

Kleiner Perkins partner Mary Meeker took to the stage at Code Conference to deliver the “most anticipated slide deck of the year”, a 355-page report on Internet trends for 2017. Buried among those slides were nuggets of key ecommerce trends: e-tailer success found through customer-first, omnichannel experiences.

Here are the top 3 ecommerce trends from Mary Meeker’s Kleiner Perkins Internet Trends 2017 Report, and how you can harness them to innovate an omnichannel brand experience of your own.

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Internet Trends 2017 Report: Top 4 Takeaways

The Internet’s abuzz about Apple’s WWDC keynote, but we’re still reeling over the rapid-fire Internet Trends presentation from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. Delivered by partner Mary Meeker, the “most anticipated slide deck in Silicon Valley” dove into 355 slides of data affecting business, ecommerce, consumer behavior, and the global marketplace.

Here are the top four most buzzed-about Kleiner Perkins Internet trends and what they mean for your business.

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The Amazon Effect: Part Two

Competing with Amazon: is it even possible? Sure, the ecommerce giant boasts wide selection, consistent users, and a global presence to make good on those 600 purchases per second. But that doesn’t mean the E-Giant is unstoppable.

In this second half of the two-part series, The Amazon Effect explores five strategies the company employs to succeed in ecommerce.

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The Amazon Effect: Part One

Love them or hate them, Amazon is here to stay. Named Fast Company’s Most Innovative Company of 2017, the world’s largest online marketplace continues to push the bounds of what’s possible in ecommerce, an impetus dubbed “The Amazon Effect”.

The businesses that thrive will control the margin by taking control of the customer experience, their way. Dive into five differentiators of Amazon’s success in this two-part series before exploring how to harness them for your enterprise.

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How to Succeed with ERP Integrations ft. Doug Blumhardt

From Nestle to RM Foods to your county government, companies utilize Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems such as NetSuite, Sage, and Microsoft Dynamics to streamline operations, enhance the customer experience, and drive growth. But just because ERP systems are referred to as the silver bullet in business does not mean an ERP system is the answer for your business.

Read on for 40 years of insight from Doug Blumhardt, high-profile veteran of business operations and enterprise systems across multiple environments, for answers to business owners’ biggest questions on succeeding with large-scale enterprise integrations.

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Boost Conversion With Omnichannel Design Featuring Eric Yonge

Manufacturers today have all the tools available to take control of their sales and distribution channels. The companies best positioned to seize control of sales and distribution will be the ones who can steer the customer experience well. Eric Yonge, President and Creative Director at EYStudios, delivers three insights to boost the customer experience from an omnichannel perspective.

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Futureproofing Your Business: Industry Insights from MivaCon 2017

After two days of mixing, mingling, and diving deep into your competitive advantage with Eric Yonge and the Miva leadership team at MivaCon 2017, Friday set the stage for three more industry heavyweights. And though the speakers represent different spheres in ecommerce, a singular truth rang clear—success in this digital age starts and ends with the customer and your ability to serve them your way.

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