Mark Patterson: Guiding Ecommerce Businesses—Including His Own—to Growth

Mark Patterson is a modern-day renaissance man. Not only does he guide clients as our Project Management Supervisor with a development background; he also cofounded superfood company Bare Bones Broth Co., built on Miva. With this unique blend of experience, Mark brings an unmatched perspective to scaling ecommerce businesses.

Join Mark Patterson, business owner and project management lead at Miva, as he sheds valuable insight on growing several ecommerce businesses—including his own.

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Partner Spotlight: IPS Solutions

In the beginning, many new businesses offer specialized services, and then expand their services as their client base and reputation expand. This month’s Partner Spotlight, IPS Solutions, is no exception. Founded in 1999 as a provider of automotive inventory software, IPS Solutions is now a full-service web development company.

IPS Solutions

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Partner Spotlight: PCINET

This week’s Partner Spotlight is on PCINET. For over ten years, PCINET has provided design and development services and support for ecommerce stores running on the Miva Merchant platform. Over the years, their services have expanded into other areas as well, including SEO (search engine optimization) services, and Miva Merchant module development.

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Partner Spotlight: Merchant Designer

The design of your ecommerce store says a lot about the types of products that you sell, the specific niche that your store occupies, and the philosophy and culture of your company in general.  This week’s Partner Spotlight, Merchant Designer, specializes in professional looking, unique website designs for Miva Merchant storefronts.


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Partner Spotlight: 2 Computer Chicks

These days, most companies have an website, but of course, this hasn’t always been the case. In the early days of the Internet, creating a successful web presence was often a hit-or-miss proposition. Since 1998, 2 Computer Chicks, this week’s Miva Merchant Partner Spotlight has specialized in providing personalized ecommerce web development, web design, and SEO services.

2 Computer Chicks Logo


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