Why Your Business Needs Miva Merchant

When it comes to shopping cart solutions for online business, there are literally over 600 choices on the market. From free scripts you can download and customize like PayPal all the way up to multi-million dollar custom enterprise solutions written … continue reading

Don’t Get Burned

You have probably heard that the first rule of investing is “Don’t lose money!” The same applies to an e-commerce site.

All about the burnt Benjimans

A common mistake in e-commerce is not making 100% sure you have collected money before shipping an order.  Non-delivery … continue reading

Top 10 E-commerce Myths

1. It’s Easy. Undoubtedly, there are infomercials on after I go to bed that tout how easy e-commerce is for anyone. But in reality, there will be obstacles to overcome: customer service fires that need to be put out, charge … continue reading

ABCs of Selling Online

Rick Wilson, EVP of Miva Merchant, gives an overview on what you need to start selling online with an ecommerce store. Learn & apply the basics to arm yourself with a competitive advantage from the beginning:

Stay tuned for more … continue reading