An Open Thank You to Our Team

This past month we celebrated 20 years of Miva. That’s two decades at the forefront of ecommerce, and truly, there is so much celebrate. And while we’re glad to hang our hat on a number of accolades, none of them would be possible without the team behind our technology. After all, a product is powered by the height of the collective behind it, and our team at Miva is exceptional.

Rather than writing about what makes our team so special, though, we wanted to hear from the Mivites themselves what they appreciate. So, we asked several Mivites, veteran and fresh to the floor, what they enjoy about Miva—and one another.

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Mark Patterson: Guiding Ecommerce Businesses—Including His Own—to Growth

Mark Patterson is a modern-day renaissance man. Not only does he guide clients as our Project Management Supervisor with a development background; he also cofounded superfood company Bare Bones Broth Co., built on Miva. With this unique blend of experience, Mark brings an unmatched perspective to scaling ecommerce businesses.

Join Mark Patterson, business owner and project management lead at Miva, as he sheds valuable insight on growing several ecommerce businesses—including his own.

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Adobe Creative Jam: Q&A with Two Premier San Diego Designers

Last Thursday, two Miva designers sat in the light of their Macbook screens as crowds streamed into the dim downtown warehouse for Adobe Creative Jam San Diego. Miva Web Designers Katie Kindness and Yuya Oda had been hand-selected from hundreds to showcase their skills in the San Diego leg of Adobe’s worldwide design competition.

For three hours, ten teams of two were charged with designing a web application on the newest tool from Adobe: Experience Design. Read on to see how Katie Kindness (KK) and Yuya Oda (YO) translated a surprise theme into an engaging application, and why experience design is integral to your ecommerce business.

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The Power of Custom Ecommerce Features ft. Jeremy Aguilar

The ecommerce landscape is changing—fast. Custom ecommerce features enable businesses to meet consumer demands for personalized, seamless interactions with your brand.

Behind a fast-functioning storefront is a team of developers working ’round-the-clock to ensure your success. Leading the charge is Jeremy Aguilar, Senior Web Developer at Miva, who sat with us to discuss the power of custom ecommerce features to future-proof your business.

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We’ve Redesigned Our Homepage, Featuring Our Client Successes

This past week we launched our newly redesigned home page, putting greater focus on Miva’s core competencies and the client successes that have driven our growth these past 18 years.

During the redesign process we delved deep into the question:  What does Miva, as an ecommerce platform and company, actually do?  Because it’s one thing to say that we help people sell online, and another thing entirely to get absolutely clear as to how we do that.

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