SEO Link Building For Ecommerce

Anyone who has done any amount of successful SEO work will tell you that one of the cornerstones to ranking well in the search engines is building links to your website. Of course, the majority of SEO practitioners believe this … continue reading

Google Analytics Gone Wild

The Google analytics team has listened to the community and is releasing 7 highly desired features that previously were only available via an enterprise class web analytics vendor after paying a pretty penny. A release date has not been publicly … continue reading

Comparison Shopping Engines Primer

Many online shoppers love bargain hunting and utilize a comparison shopping engine for research along with finding the perfect etailer they can trust. When a potential customer comes across your site through a product or merchant review in a shopping … continue reading

SEO – Where to Start?

All online store owners want to increase traffic to their site and the less it costs the better. Many small business owners may not know where to start when it comes to getting their website to show up in Google, … continue reading

Social Media Keyword Trends

In our latest newsletter we went over using Google Trends, Google Insights and Microsoft’s Keyword Forecast to spot keyword trends for seasonal product offerings.  There are also some great tools to measure keyword use in blogs and twitter to give … continue reading

Ecommerce Holiday Promotion Tips

Prepare Early

Tapping into the holiday season is a great way to maximize revenue over the busiest shopping time of the year.  From Halloween through New Years is a great time to capitalize on consumer spending by catering to customers … continue reading