Miva Spotlight | Technical Assistance Center

This holiday shopping season, and every holiday shopping season, your ecommerce business can rely on Miva’s expert team of Support Technicians for around-the-clock service. Our Technical Assistance Center has your back, so your ecommerce business can focus on fulfilling holiday orders, managing holiday promotions, and those endless logistical hurdles from complex shipping requests.

Whether you need website assistance at 3 am or 3 pm, our US-based Technical Assistance Center is available seven days a week, 365 days a year to provide technical support whenever you need it most.

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Miva Site Launches | October 2017

This month, Miva’s in-house Professional Services Team, successfully launched a variety of brand new or redesigned online stores. The new ecommerce stores, highlighted below, are packed full of custom features designed to continuously grow their online businesses. Keep reading to find out how our expert team of Web Designers, Web Developers, and Project Managers create custom solutions for five Miva stores.

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MailChimp and Miva: Win at Email Marketing (+Stats)

Last week we released Miva Merchant 9.7: the latest and final update to version 9. With a host of powerful new tools to upgrade your store, the response to 9.7 has thrilled us, as we’ve been thrilled to share it with all of you.

Today we’re excited to introduce a key feature of this update: a winning integration with the leading platform in marketing automation, MailChimp. MailChimp’s marketing automation tools have made it the go-to tool for email campaigns, subscriber list management, and analytics.

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Work Faster with Keyboard Shortcuts for the Miva Admin

With our helpful key command reference sheet for both Mac and PC users, you can perform basic functionality from global keyboard shortcuts like showing history and bookmarks to batch list search with just a couple keystrokes. You can save time by ditching the need for several mouse clicks. Utilizing these helpful key commands can help you and your team multitask more effectively and work more efficiently.

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Is Your Online Store Protected from a Cyber-Attack?

Determined hackers will do whatever it takes to break into vulnerable sites that don’t have the proper settings in place to minimize fraud. Recently, hackers have begun to leverage a new type of fraud known as a brute force attack, in an attempt to use a bot to automatically authorize fraudulent payments for up to millions of compromised credit cards in a matter of seconds. We’ve outline the essential ecommerce features that every store owner should be using to thwart these attacks.

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Customer Data – Don’t Risk It.

Large or small, no online business is safe from internet fraud.

From a tarnished reputation to losing customers and paying millions of dollars in fines, the damage caused from an online data breach can be insurmountable for a business. With the risk of security breaches and cyber attacks steadily rising, online businesses must have a comprehensive security strategy in place to protect confidential customer data from ruthless hackers. Several companies including Apple, Google, Microsoft, along with social media networks, have implemented additional security procedures to ensure their data is safe and you should too. Here are some tips you can use to protect your business and customers.

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Don’t Leave Money on the Table: Use Coupons to Drive Business

Thanks to online retailers like Amazon and Wal-Mart, customers now have a myriad of choices when shopping online. These days, consumers have quick access to product information, the ability to compare prices, and read customer reviews all within a couple of clicks. As a result, coupons influence more online purchases now than ever before.

From direct mailers, to text messages, and social media, businesses can utilize a variety of channels to provide customers with digital coupon codes.

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Stop Losing $4 Trillion to Abandoned Carts

Approximately $4 trillion worth of merchandise is left in abandoned carts each year. The good news? An abandoned cart does not automatically translate to a lost sale—if you can successfully draw customers back to buy.

But why exactly are customers leaving your site before purchasing, and what can you do about it? Here are the top five reasons for abandoned carts, and how you can overcome this challenge to improve conversion.

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Holiday Shopping: 5 Steps to Boost Online Sales

The holiday shopping season is the biggest opportunity to increase sales and attract customers. And though a majority of retailers focus on Black Friday, more customers are starting to shop well before October’s end.

Get your storefront ready for the holiday rush. Increase your revenue and keep customers coming back with these 5 questions to prepare your ecommerce store.

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