Keyword Position Tracking with Google Analytics

Do you ever search for the same thing and get different results in the search engines at different times? Most people who have dealt with search engine optimization know that the position of their website for a specific keyword phrase … continue reading

How Customers Help You Sell More Products

Today Rick Wilson, VP of Miva Merchant, in a yourBusinessChannel video offers advice on building an online community with your e-commerce site that is both cost effective and time efficient.

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Raising Conversion Rate By Example

Anyone who has been involved with ecommerce for any amount of time knows that the key to raising conversion rate is testing to see what works and what fails. Most people I talk to about testing to raise their conversion … continue reading

Does Site Search Help with SEO?

One of the most overlooked aspects of ecommerce sites is the search experience your site visitors encounter. People have been trained to enter keywords to find anything quickly by the search engines since the late 90’s from AOL to Google. … continue reading

Google Analytics For SEO Webinar Follow Up

We had a great webinar today with Morgan Jones, President of EcomIQ, and myself going over Google Analytics for SEO. Thank you to all those who attended and gave us an hour of their time; we hope you got value … continue reading

Google Analytics Gone Wild

The Google analytics team has listened to the community and is releasing 7 highly desired features that previously were only available via an enterprise class web analytics vendor after paying a pretty penny. A release date has not been publicly … continue reading

Free Ecommerce Optimization Tools

Every ecommerce store owner wants (or should) to make thier site customer friendly and improve conversion rates.  Usually these two go hand in hand with measuring & testing of your site needed to find improvements.  Most people know about Google … continue reading

Online Store Optimization Tips

Building an online store is just the beginning in an ecommerce business that is destined to grow and become more profitable each year.  Once you have your site up to approximately 100 visitors a day or 3,000 visitors a month … continue reading