Google Commerce Search For Ecommerce Sites

On Wednesday Google announced Google Commerce Search aimed at providing ecommerce sites with a search navigation solution. Check out the demo video below:

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Search Engine Blind Test

I love trying new things out on the net which is probably one of the reasons I am fascinated by web analytics and search. Naturally, I have been checking out Bing since it’s launch just to see what it’s all … continue reading

Google Local Search Analytics & Optimization

Many e-commerce stores started out as local brick and mortar locations with a focus on the local surrounding area. If you have a physical store then don’t forget about Local SEO to boost customers finding your store in neighborhoods.

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Do You Really Know What Your Customers Are Seeing?

Today Rick Wilson, VP of Miva Merchant, in a yourBusinessChannel video offers advice on some simple steps you can take to stay in touch with what your customers really see on your website.

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Keyword Position Tracking with Google Analytics

Do you ever search for the same thing and get different results in the search engines at different times? Most people who have dealt with search engine optimization know that the position of their website for a specific keyword phrase … continue reading

How Customers Help You Sell More Products

Today Rick Wilson, VP of Miva Merchant, in a yourBusinessChannel video offers advice on building an online community with your e-commerce site that is both cost effective and time efficient.

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Raising Conversion Rate By Example

Anyone who has been involved with ecommerce for any amount of time knows that the key to raising conversion rate is testing to see what works and what fails. Most people I talk to about testing to raise their conversion … continue reading