Introducing The Booc ReadyTheme With a Brand New Checkout Process

The Booc ReadyTheme is our newest ReadyTheme featuring a simple elegant design and packed full of cutting edge ecommerce features.

This is the first ReadyTheme to showcase our brand new Checkout Process. Each step of the checkout process was re-thought from the ground up, with a focus on usability across all devices.

When we set out to rebuild our checkout framework, we asked, “How could we simplify the process, yet make it intuitive enough so that important elements are not lost in the process”.  We knew we had areas to improve upon and rather than patching them up, we chose to redesign the entire process from the ground up, starting with the basket page.

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2016 Sales Tax Changes Webinar Series

The new year is always a time of change – and sales tax in 2016 is no exception. We want to help you understand the rules, protect your business and stay ahead of the changes. Join us for a two-part webinar series to walk you through everything sales tax for 2016. Avalara did all the research so that you wouldn’t have to.

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See How Miva Is Helping Our Clients Drive More Revenue

Miva’s professional services group has been hard at work delivering expertly-designed solutions to help our high-growth clients serve their customers in the most innovative, forward-thinking ways possible.  Our responsive, mobile first ecommerce website designs deliver seamless shopping experiences across all devices – and the results have been phenomenal.  Here are a few of the top producing Miva re-designs of 2015.

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Optimizing B2B Ecommerce Sales and Operations (Part 1)

Even as the B2B ecommerce market expands (20% growth in 2013), the majority of B2B companies are still behind in adopting appropriate digital strategies to meet growing consumer demands.  Implementing solutions to optimize the buyer experience while supporting optimal backend workflows is becoming increasingly critical for today’s B2B companies.  What follows is a partial list of B2B best practices to boost conversions, build loyalty & trust, and systematize complex business needs in today’s evolving online B2B marketplace.

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Webinar: Are You Ready For the 2015 Shopping Season?

If you haven’t been able to make one of the Miva conferences this year, this is a great way to get up-to-speed on the latest from PayPal. As Miva merchants prepare for the holiday shopping season of 2015, PayPal can help you maximize conversion rates, improve the consumer mobile checkout experience and support a one touch purchase experience across desktops, laptops and mobile devices.

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We’ve Redesigned Our Homepage, Featuring Our Client Successes

This past week we launched our newly redesigned home page, putting greater focus on Miva’s core competencies and the client successes that have driven our growth these past 18 years.

During the redesign process we delved deep into the question:  What does Miva, as an ecommerce platform and company, actually do?  Because it’s one thing to say that we help people sell online, and another thing entirely to get absolutely clear as to how we do that.

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