How to Succeed with ERP Integrations ft. Doug Blumhardt

From Nestle to RM Foods to your county government, companies utilize Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems such as NetSuite, Sage, and Microsoft Dynamics to streamline operations, enhance the customer experience, and drive growth. But just because ERP systems are referred to as the silver bullet in business does not mean an ERP system is the answer for your business.

Read on for 40 years of insight from Doug Blumhardt, high-profile veteran of business operations and enterprise systems across multiple environments, for answers to business owners’ biggest questions on succeeding with large-scale enterprise integrations.

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Slow Load Times Create Demand for Responsive Webpages.

The Black Friday numbers are in! 3.991 and 2.954, yes we’re talking seconds. The average webpage load on a desktop took over 3 seconds and those trusty mobile devices, just under 3.  These numbers give a new perspective to the phrase “Time is money.” Best Buy would agree with that statement as they experienced what is being called a “massive outage” on Black Friday, costing them thousands and their customers left frustrated.  But Best Buy wasn’t the only big commerce store to experience issues. According to “the top 50 ecommerce websites were slower overall this year, compared to last year.” One of the most alarming numbers reported by Catchpoint Systems is, mobile webpages were 57.21% slower compared to last year. Most chalk it up to server overload but insiders know there is more to this tale.

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Miva Launches All-New App Store for Miva Merchant

We reach another milestone in Miva history as we announce the launch of our new app store –, which supplants our old workhorse of a website, Miva Central as the place to obtain add-ons and apps for Miva Merchant, including our new ReadyTheme templates. Store owners will find the brand new app store much easier to navigate and developers will have a much welcomed clean and modern showcase for their products.

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Best Practices for Mobile Optimization

The mind of the mobile consumer is a curious thing.  Luckily, Adobe has discovered how the mobile user’s mind works by conducting a survey of over 3,000 mobile users in North America and Europe.  The results provide valuable insight into the mobile user experience.  Your business can leverage their findings to develop mcommerce business practices that will resonate with your customers.

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Your Next Customer is Just a Few Clicks Away

Have you ever felt like your Ecommerce store is lost in the many pages of cyberspace?  Well, you may not be as lost as you think. Recent research shows that no matter what page someone is on in the entire web, they are no more than 19 clicks away from your Ecommerce store.  It turns out that everyone who goes online could be just a few clicks away from being your next customer, now that the World Wide Web is a lot smaller than we may have thought.

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Trying to improve your website?  Do or do not. There is no try, says Yottaa

How well do you know your website – I mean, how well, really? It just makes sense that the better you understand what is happening on your website, the better the experience you’ll be able to provide to customers visiting it.  Today, I’d like to spend a moment talking about a company called Yottaa who’s services have helped countless websites fine tune their webpages.  Yottaa focuses on optimizing, protecting, and monitoring the goings-on of your site.  Yottaa offers affordable and easy to use cloud services which enables small to medium sized businesses to improve their webpages.  Want a faster, more secure, and more reliable website?  Yottaa can help. Best of all, they have a number of different packages ranging from free to a few hundred dollars.

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Using Product Videos To Drive Traffic To Your Ecommerce Site

When you purchase products online, you want to be sure that they are right for you. Ecommerce store owners know that when it comes to product images, a picture is worth a thousand words. As it turns out, our brains are able to process visual images much faster than blocks of text, which may be part of the reason why we are all drawn to striking images and beautiful works of art.

Sometimes, though, a picture just isn’t enough to sell and explain the features of a particular product. This is where product videos come in.

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Enhance Customer Experience with Video

Videos have changed the way people use the web and offers online retailers an exceptional opportunity to enhance the customer experience online. Rick Wilson, VP of Miva Merchant, presents how Amazon utilizes video to improve the customer experience which usually results in an increased conversion rate.

Please note there is a 30 second introduction prior to the actual video content, thank you for your patience:

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