Custora Reports Double Digit Growth for Ecommerce in 2014

Great news from Custora’s Ecommerce Pulse Quarterly Report shows that the 1st quarter of 2014 is off to a great start with double-digit growth. Custora bases its data on over 100 U.S. retailers’ and 70 millions shoppers’ ecommerce transactions.

2013 vs. 2014 Industry Total

It turns out that the ecommerce industry’s total revenue has increased 11% since last year’s Q1.  Even more, online orders have increased 13% since Q1 of 2013.

Online Share of Retail Grows

Ecommerce has consistently taken up a larger share of retail sales in the US year over year.  In 2000, ecommerce only shared in 1% of total retail sales.  In 2013, ecommerce’s share grew by 16.9% over the previous year.

iOS Dominates M-Commerce

The mobile channel of ecommerce transactions has seen strong growth with an 18.5% share of ecommerce purchases in 2014 versus last years’ 13.7%.  Smartphones actually made up 8.2% of the total orders in Q1.

Tablets made up 10% of the total orders in Q1, bringing an increased share of ecommerce purchases on mobile devices. iOS devices dominated m-commerce, making up 80% of all mobile orders in 2014.

Search Drove Half of Online Orders

Custora reported that search drove more than 40% of U.S. ecommerce orders in Q1, with 24% of those purchases originating from organic search queries.  20% of the orders resulted from paid search ads (SEM or CPC).  In total, search drove almost 44% of all ecommerce transactions in the first quarter of this year.

Google’s Big Impact

As ecommerce purchases grow, the impact Google has on ecommerce grows.  As the main source for free and paid search and iOS dominating m-commerce, Google is quickly becoming the biggest force in the ecommerce world.

View Custora’s full report here.

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