Employee Spotlight: Courtney Kavanagh

For visitors, prospective employees, and new employees learning the ropes, she is the point-of-contact. When you call our main line, chances are you will speak directly to her.  Who is she? Courtney Kavanagh, Receptionist at Miva Merchant and the subject of our first Employee Spotlight.

For about a year now, Courtney has worked at Miva Merchant, performing both receptionist and administrative duties, which range from responding to phone calls, to greeting visitors, monitoring office security, making sure that our office and kitchen supplies are up-to-date, maintaining our company-wide telephone list, and organizing all of our social events, such as birthday celebrations, holiday parties, and company-wide meetings. Courtney also takes on overflow tasks from our Accounting, Human Resources, Design Services, and other departments as needed.

Originally from El Segundo, California, Courtney describes herself as “obsessed with the weather,” and is the only military (US Marine Corps) spouse at Miva Merchant.  She and her husband Andrew have been married for almost four years and met, fell in love,  and were married while Courtney was in high school.

When asked what the best thing about working for Miva Merchant is, Courtney says that it is “the people and the work environment.  I actually enjoying waking up and being at work because I know that the people I work with will make me smile, and even when it’s one of those hard days, everyone here is always helpful and genuinely cares about everyone.”

We appreciate all of Courtney’s hard work and effort and are happy to have her on board as part of the Miva Merchant team.