Essential Ecommerce Web Design Tips: Keep Your Website Healthy

When it comes to ecommerce web design, having a site that looks good is only half the battle. Customers expect certain things from ecommerce sites-mainly easy navigation to browsing and checkout, and an easy way to get help if they have a problem.

A secure, reliable shopping cart will help to increase conversions and build your customer base, but if a potential customer becomes so frustrated by the design of your site that they never reach the cart in the first place, they will never know how secure your checkout process is, and likely won’t revisit your site anytime soon either.

How is healthy is your current ecommerce web design? Is it time for a site checkup? Read on to discover some essential ecommerce web design tips.

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Strengthen and Define Your Buying Process

A weak, undefined buying process is a major stumbling block for potential customers. No one wants to be lost in a sea of product and content pages, desperately searching for a clear path to checkout. Include clearly visible buttons or clickable links on applicable pages, allowing customers who are interested in purchasing a product to be taken to the appropriate step in the checkout process.  Put yourself in the customer’s shoes: When you’re ready to checkout, what do you want to see? A Buy Now button that takes you directly through the checkout process or a series of confusing steps that end up taking you nowhere fast?

Keep Costs Upfront

Price is a big motivator. Like buy buttons and links to checkout, incorporating prominent pricing in your ecommerce web design is essential.  Keep in mind, though, that it isn’t just the base price of your items that customers are interested in.  Factoring in costs like applicable sales tax and shipping is important, too. Consider implementing a progress bar or “breadcrumb” feature that allows customers to track their costs based on sales tax and shipping options selected.

Take a look at the way you currently display costs and allow customers to see their total order costs before checking out.  Are you presenting all of the necessary information upfront, or presenting them with the total at the end, creating the effect of an unexpected, unwelcome surprise just before they take that final step and make a purchase?

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Support Your Growing Customer Base

Do you have a clear way for customers to contact you if there is a problem? When you stop to think about it, building a contact page, contact form, or type of live customer support chatting capability should be part of any ecommerce website.

Studies show that customers who are able to obtain support from companies during the purchasing process are 20% more likely to make a purchase. No one wants to spend time searching for contact information or feel as though their questions are going to go unanswered.

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As your ecommerce site grows and expands, make sure to keep customer service in the forefront of your mind. Forgetting to include user-friendly site options only leads to frustration and confusion on the part of said users. In the long run, taking the time to make sure that your site remains true to its actual purpose-motivating and enabling visitors to quickly and securely purchase products or services is the best way to help guarantee a successful online business.