Facebook Makes it Easier for Businesses to Engage with Customers

There are several new changes in the works at Facebook, aimed at helping brands engage with consumers.  From larger pictures on the News Feed to Premium Videos that start with just a scroll, the opportunities for businesses to engage with their customers are better than ever before.

Here, we will go over the 3 most recent updates to Facebook, and we’ll show you how this will impact your business and the way you interact with consumers.

A New Streamlined Look for News Feed

The desktop and mobile versions of Facebook will look more consistent and easier to use for members with the new updated look.  Last year, Facebook tried experimenting with a complete redesign, but decided to only keep the bigger images and a new font.

Here are pictures of the News Feed before and after the cosmetic changes:



These changes are purely visual and will not change the way Facebook ranks content to display.  Organic stories and advertisements will also not be affected by this change.  In addition, marketers will not need to change creative specs and image aspect ratios for ads.

This updated News Feed design will roll out to the majority of Facebook users this month.

New Design for Business Pages

For Business Pages, Facebook has chosen to make it easier than ever for users to find their favorite brands.  There are 3 important features of this new update for Business Pages:

1. Streamlined Timeline Design for Business Pages

On the right side of the timeline, it will now display the Page’s posts.  All posts will now be consistent to how they appear in the News Feed.

The left column of the timeline will have information about the business, including a map, hours of business, a phone number, the website url, and photos & videos.

2. Quick & Easy Access to Important Admin Tools

From any area on the business Page, there will be navigation options at the top of the Page to access activity, insights, and settings.  This will give business owners quick and easy access to the insights about their ads and new likes.

There is also a new “This Week” section which gives a quick snapshot of the week’s insights.

3. Introducing the New “Pages to Watch” Feature

The new Pages to Watch feature in the Page Insights tool will be accessable to all Page admins.  It will allow them to create a list of similar Pages, so that they may compare the performance of their Page to their competitors.

When the “Overview” tab of Page Insights is selected, it will show key stats about the selected Pages to Watch.  In addition, when the “Posts” tab is selected, it will show the past week’s most engaging posts from each competitor.

Facebook’s new Pages update will be rolling out this month.

Premium Video Ads for Facebook

On March 14th, Facebook announced that they have begun the launch of Premium Video Ads.  Advertisers will be able to reach a large audience with high-quality videos, which will start playing upon appearance.  As users scroll, the video will start when it appears at the top and stop when users scroll past the video.  The video will not have any sound unless it is engaged with.  If clicked or tapped, it will expand to a full-screen view with sound.


Facebook will be rolling out Premium Video Ads slowly over the next few months.