Going Global: Why US Retailers are Eager to Expand

International E-Commerce is the future of online retail, and Miva Merchant and Bongo International have fully integrated their solutions in order to best prepare retailers for what is on the horizon.  European consumers spent more than $396.5 billion online in 2012 which is an increase of 20% from the $330.2 billion spent in 2011 [E-Commerce Europe].  The steady growth online contrasts with the lukewarm growth in overall retail sales in the 27-nation European Union.  The UK, Germany and France generated the largest share of total online sales, about 70% or $277.5 billion.  Additionally, the quickly developing middle class in many countries throughout South America, and Brazil in particular, represents the opportunity to capture billions of dollars in new revenue for global retailers.  Emerging retail markets like Brazil are expected to increase mobile use which is consistent across the board, not just in up-and-coming markets. For E-Commerce, only about 33% of emerging market customers use the Internet as compared to 77.5% in mature markets.  This figure shows how much growth is quickly going to occur in less-evolved markets.  The EU and South America are only 2 examples of significant E-Commerce growth that is being experienced worldwide.  Despite lagging economic indicators across the globe, international E-Commerce has proven to be the place where growth is consistent.  The time is now to prepare for the inevitable.

Retailers must also consider responsive website design for all the various devices that are being utilized presently, and speak to global consumers through whichever channel is their preferred means of shopping online.  The multitude of tablets coming onto the market, and various smartphones in addition to traditional PCs have created a serious challenge for website designers.  This is only one part of the value in using a software provider who understands the value of a positive user experience.  Equally important is providing international consumers with the same service points as domestic consumers.  Bongo understands a consistent consumer experience is no longer an option.  More EU E-Commerce projections are included in the following articles; click to read more on the EU marketplace, or on Brazil’s emerging market.  To find out additional information on how Bongo and Miva can help your business to access foreign markets, contact Bongo or Miva Merchant anytime.

Bongo International is the fastest growing international E-Commerce solution designed to help US-based merchants expand their business to the global market. Their modular approach enables them to create a custom international solution for each US retailer.They screen all international shoppers to prevent fraudulent orders, resulting in an impressive 0.0% fraud rate throughout company history.

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