Happy Customers Push Miva to Top of G2 Crowd Awards

In an era when complaints are often the loudest voices, it’s nice to hear customers who are very, very satisfied. Miva has recently been honored with two awards based on the responses of real users for questions featured in the G2 Crowd review form. G2 Crowd is a business solution review platform which leverages user reviews to drive better purchasing decisions.

Miva came out on top in G2 Crowd’s Relationship Index for E-Commerce Platforms | Spring 2018 and the Results Index for E-Commerce Platforms | Spring 2018.

G2 Crowd’s Best Relationship score looks at criteria such as Likelihood to Recommend (88% for Miva, 82% average), Ease of Doing Business With (93% for Miva, 86% average and Quality of Support (93% for Miva, 83% average).

The Best Results index considers Meets Requirements (89% for Miva, 86% average) and User Adoption (95% for Miva, 76% average), in addition to Likelihood to Recommend. It also looks at two important ROI Factors: Time to Go Live (1.9 months for Miva, 3.1 months average) and the Estimated ROI, i.e. the number of months it will take to pay for the investment. With Miva, the timeframe was 7.3 months, compared to an average of 11.1 months.

“We were very pleased that our customers appreciate Miva’s commitment to support them and their businesses,” says Melanie Kalemba, SVP of Sales and Marketing for Miva. “The G2 Crowd awards demonstrate how satisfied users are with our product.”

Rick Wilson, Miva’s CEO, says Miva’s product development has come from listening to Miva’s customers – both what they like and what they’d like to see improved upon. “We’ve never been a company that just builds based on what we think is best. We learn from our customers and do all we can to support them and their online businesses.”

What do customers have to say about Miva?

Let them tell you in their own words. Here are some posts from G2 Crowd’s Miva review page, where Miva’s average stands at 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Guy T – “Miva is a great ecommerce platform that rivals much more expensive options. Miva invests in improving their product over marketing their product and it shows. The platform is powerful, flexible, stable and updates never break your store. Support is US based and very accessible.”

Mark L – “We started with Miva 2.0, back in 1997 or so. Over the next decade or so, we looked at other shopping carts. When the current owners bought Miva, very good things began to happen. The platform started getting incrementally better then it started a process of taking big steps for improvement. For example, with one iteration the database queries became 15x faster (verified by third party software). Miva used to be behind in development, so we paid for a lot of customization. Now Miva is ahead of us and we just follow their lead and their recommendations. All that sounds good, right? But it means nothing if you have a problem and can’t get support. Miva’s support is astounding. Even when I write a ticket thinking, ‘There’s no way they are going to help with this issue, it’s not their problem.’ Miva takes ownership and helps me.”

Bobby J – “Support is easy to work with and always answers my questions. Miva has helped me to have a great presence on the internet with my smaller company. Also, I have spent the time to learn how to do the programming myself and that is attributed to Miva great framework. I have some extended content and Miva makes it easy. The new setup with 9 has given me so many more options. I love Miva Software and have no intention of changing from this platform.”

Robin M – “We wouldn’t consider anything but Miva. Miva is flexible and we are able to adapt it to fit our needs. Over the years more out-of-the-box functionality has been built into Miva; it is constantly improving. Support at Miva is GREAT! Don’t use it much, but when I do, they are there and solve my problem on the first call.”

Sarah A – “Miva is a robust and flexible ecommerce system. We’ve used Miva for a couple of years now and love the front-end and back-end flexibility of their system. It has been easy to customize our site and the support staff has gone above and beyond to help us realize specific requests.”

Linda P – “Miva Merchant is that system for us. It’s the very powerful platform with regard to eCommerce with many functions. Basically, it keeps all of us ahead of our competitors.”

Learn more about what real users have to say (or leave your own review of Miva) on G2 Crowd’s Miva review page.

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