Hide and Watch: Find Out What Your Visitors Want

Every once in a while a tool comes along that is so awesome you can’t help but share with everyone. Today that tool is Crazy Egg because it gives you a visual heat map of what matters to your website’s visitors. This helps you to quickly identify the most important content, allowing you to rearrange your store for increased sales.

In fact, Crazy Egg is so simple you might miss its power at first glance; here are 3 ways it can help any website owner with analytics.

1. See exactly what visitors are clicking on…even if it’s not a link.

Sometimes we are so close to a problem that we don’t even notice that it is a problem. Crazy Egg eliminates this by giving you an unbiased view of what draws attention.

Crazy Egg heat map report

2. See what visitors clicked on based on the search term or website that sent them to you.

This super cool feature is part of the “confetti mode” which uses color coded dots to match data points to click activity. This lets you see things like where people clicked the longer they spent on your site, which marketing campaign brought them in, and a dozen other options.

Crazy Egg confetti report

3. See what percentage of clicks were on a specific item.

Even though Crazy Egg appeals to the visual side it still provides very useful data for those who have to see the numbers. You can easily export to a CSV file for further analysis.

Crazy Egg list report

Still not convinced? Robert Stanley, owner of DirectFix.com, sent this feedback to me after listening to our recommendation:

“Within a few weeks of using CrazyEgg on our Miva Merchant site we were able to adjust the products in demand to the top of the category and increase sales dramatically.”

You might expect software that does this amazing stuff to break the bank but you are in luck because you can get started for $9/month! Go try out Crazy Egg ; it may be the best $9 you spend all year.