How to Engage and Convert Customers Using Video

Consumers are drawn to ecommerce stores where they are able to get a good sense of what they are buying.  Selling online brings with it the obstacles of consumers not able to use their tactile senses.  Customers will want to feel the product, spin it around, and maybe even try it on (if you sell apparel).  This is why video can be used to ecommerce retailers’ advantage; video can showcase the product from different angles or demonstration the product in use.  The question is not if video is important for ecommerce retailers, but how retailers can use video in the most effective way to sell online.

Videos Increase Ecommerce Conversions

Creating videos for your ecommerce store can boost your online sales by creating a better customer experience.  In fact, 50% of consumers are more confident about their purchasing decision online after viewing a product video, according to a study by Invodo and the e-tailing group.  In addition, videos have an effect beyond simply consumer confidence; videos can also impact consumer behavior, purchase frequency, and order volume.  Two thirds of consumers who watch ecommerce videos more than one time will ultimately purchase the product.  Even more, the size of the cart will increase by 174% just by adding videos.

The High-Quality Video Imperative

Producing high-quality videos is extremely important, as lower quality videos can actually deter viewers from purchasing.  It is recommended that videos are professionally produced, even though it is tempting to save money and produce them in-house.  According to comScore, professionally produced videos that are optimized for ecommerce outperform user-generated (UGC) videos by 30%.

The following strategies can be used to create top-notch video content, without breaking your budget:

  1. Choose a Robust Ecommerce Platform – In order to stream high-quality videos, you will need to have a capable ecommerce platform.  The platform should also be integrated with analytics capabilities as well as mobile to get the most out of your videos.
  2. Outsource Your Video Production – You will likely be tempted to create your own videos in-house. Be aware: unless you have professional videographers on staff, your efforts are likely to backfire.  We recommend using professional videographers with a studio.  They will be able to shoot HD videos quickly for the best mobile, tablet, and desktop experience.  There are companies out there with ecommerce experience that aren’t too pricey.  Plus, your ROI will make up for the cost difference very quickly.
  3. Use Branding to Promote Your Products – By using a specific model for each video, you can create excellent ecommerce branding.  A brand ambassador is especially helpful in promoting a product or service, as they can bride the gap between your corporate identity and your customers.  Brand advocates are highly satisfied customers who can help your business promote the videos.
  4. Make Your Video Shareable – The power of social media lies within the consumer’s ability to quickly share content.  It makes sense, then, to create videos that are shareable, so that your content can be distributed across social networking sites.
  5. Promote Videos for Free on YouTube – YouTube offers many different tools that can help you promote your ecommerce videos.  Creator Hub is a homepage for their resources that can be used to create better content and build fan bases.  An added benefit: these resources are completely free.  Use YouTube Analytics to get a comprehensive view of your view count, demographics, and traffic source.

Video Placement Opportunities

There are many different places on ecommerce stores where videos would be beneficial:

About Us

Video Blocks is a subscription-based company that sells video clips, so it makes sense that they used video for the About Us page.

Shipping and Returns

Zappos their Shipping & Returns page as a video opportunity to give instructions for returning items.

Home Page

The Yacht Company uses a full screen video experience on their home page to engage visitors.

Product Pages uses a “View Runway” option directly on the product page for each of their apparel products.

Educational/How-To Videos

Miva store, DirectFix, uses educational videos to show customers how to use their product.

By using video for your ecommerce site, you will not only increase your conversion rates, but you can also create a better customer experience.  When customers are able to interact with your brand then they are more likely to develop brand loyalty, which is highly favorable for businesses to acquire.  By focusing on high-quality videos, your business can obtain the added benefits of using videos for ecommerce.

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