iOS vs Android Mobile Commerce Sales

In a recent blog post, Get Elastic examined the differences between iOS and Android users and found some very interesting and useful data.  As an online business owner which mobile demographic should you target?  There are many different smartphones out there, but which platform are users more likely to shop on? Which mobile ad strategies work best for different types of smartphones? Which mobile users are more likely to buy from an online store? These are the types of questions you might be asking yourself when it comes to mobile commerce.  With Get Elastic’s compiled data and other various research firms, we’ve got the answers for all of your iOS vs. Android mobile commerce questions:

Which platform is selling more smartphones?

Android holds 52% of smartphone share vs. 40% for Apple. Source: Comscore

Which platform holds the highest tablet share?

iPad tablet share is 71%. By 2014 iPad users will still account for 68% of the overall US tablet audience. Source: Emarketer

Which platform has higher levels of web traffic?

iOS users surf the web more than Android users. Source: Chitika

Which users are more apt to do product research on their smartphone?

iOS users are 15% more likely to do product research on their mobile devices than Android users. Source: Forrester

What are the demographics for Android and iPhone users?

Men are slightly more likely to own an Android than an iPhone, women are equally as likely to own iPhone or Android phone Source: eMarketer

Android is more popular among young people. Source: eMarketer

Which platform’s users have a higher income?

The average household income of iPhone owners is $105K vs $89K for Android. Source: Arbitron

Which users will shop more on mobile commerce apps?

More iPhone users use mobile apps for shopping (67.5%) vs Android (43.9%) Source: Arbitron

iPhone users are 54% more likely than Android users to use mobile commerce apps Source: Arbitron

How long with they spend on the mobile commerce apps?

iPhone users spend more time with mobile commerce apps (105 min/mo) than Android (88 min/mo) Source: Arbitron

Which users are more likely to engage with marketing campaigns?

iPhone users are more likely to engage in marketing and impulse purchases Source: Arbitron

Who is most likely to visit an online retail store and make a purchase on their smartphone?

iPhone owners are 15 percent more likely to visit online retail sites Source: Comscore

23% of iPhone owners have made a mobile purchase vs. 17% of Android owners Source: Comscore

Which users have higher mobile ad engagement levels?

iOS owners click far more online ads than Android users Source: MoPub

Which smartphone will provide higher conversion rates through mobile search ads?

iOS users almost twice as likely to convert through mobile search ads as Android users Source: Adobe

iOS vs Android Demographics [Infographic]

Get Elastic Inforgraphic courtesy of TradeMob (via Amber Sawaya)