Live SEO Analysis Webinar Follow Up

First off, thank you to everyone who volunteered their site and attended the webinar today. A special thanks to Jerry from and Candy from for allowing us to analyze their respective sites live to the public.

Here are a list of tools mentioned during the webinar that we use to analyze websites from an SEO Perspective.

SEO Quake plugin for Firefox and Internet Explorer – Excellent all around page & site analysis tool that links to helpful SEO resources.

SEO for Firefox plugin – very similar to SEO Quake but only for Firefox.

Yahoo Site Explorer – Excellent link discovery tool that is free; use this on your own site and the top ranking sites (competitors) for your targeted keyword phrases.

Google Keyword Tool – Excellent for getting an idea of search volume for keywords and key phrases based on Adsense data.

Rank Checker – Great for finding out how you currently rank in the search engines without going through each page. Works great for Google and Live/MSN however the past couple of weeks I have not gotten accurate results for Yahoo. I am sure the developer is working on a fix.

We touched on a few search queries in Google that you can try on your own site to help you check your site in the eyes of the search engines. Here are some great queries to try in Google.

Get a list of the pages in the search index for your website: (example,

See how Google views your site: [then click on Text only version]


Find websites that are potentially good link partners for a keyword:

allintitle:your keyword phrase (example, allintitle:baseball card sets)

allinurl:your keyword phrase (example, allinurl:unique dog toys)

allinanchor:your keyword phrase (example, allinurl:baseball card sets)

Please let us know if you enjoyed the webinar and would like to see another Live SEO Analysis webinar from Miva Merchant by posting a comment below. If you have any questions about the webinar or resources above post those in a comment below also.

Mark & Phil presenting Live SEO Analysis


Mark Simon, Miva Merchant SEO Specialist, and Phil Sullivan (Salesperson) during recent Miva Merchant Webinar, first in a series on Live SEO Analysis.