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DirectFix originally began as a website to help people understand how to take apart their PDA/Palm units back in 1998. They started from a sole proprietorship in 1998 to 2000, and in 2001 they became a corporation that has grown ever since.  Now, DirectFix is a multifaceted store that offer repair parts and a repair service for the iPhone, iPad, iPod and other Android based smartphones. 

As the market continues to advance, DirectFix keeps on top of helping the smartphone community and keeps up to date with the fast-paced technology.  Within just a few hours of the release of the Apple iPhone 5, DirectFix had the first Teardown Video up on YouTube and had the first repair parts available.

DirectFix is considered one of the top companies to go to for iPhone repair parts and service. They also have some of the most viewed repair videos on YouTube with over 20+ million views.  So, we asked the owner of DirectFix Robby Stanley, a couple questions to see what is the secret to his store’s success:

What is some of your most valuable advice that you can give to other business owners?

  • “Make sure the design of your webpage looks professional and is current. If it is not, then have the Miva design team evaluate it and suggest changes. Also if you don’t have a Miva Merchant Mobile Store… get one.”

  • “Go to the Miva Merchant Conference. This is the best way to learn more about how to make your site successful, and it is also a great platform to meet other store owners and share tips on what works on your site. Yes, I will be at the conference so feel free to come see me and introduce yourself.”


What were you looking for in an eCommerce solution?

  • “We were with a company called Bigstep and we out grew them and their capability within the first year. We needed a platform that could grow as we did.”

  • “We needed an eCommerce solution in 2002 that would give us the ability to expand and offer the same look, feel and service as the big companies like Amazon &”

  • “I believe the greatest advantage of Miva Merchant is that it allows me to focus on making money and spend less time dealing with maintaining my site.”



If you’ve dropped your phone and want to fix it yourself, you can get the know-how and the parts you’ll need at

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