Made with Miva: The Magnolia Company

The Magnolia Company is a family farm with a unique twist.  The dedicated team members of the Magnolia Company work really hard to turn what they grow on the farm into beautifully handcrafted creations.  Every design is different and unique and each collection has multiple items to match their client’s different decorating needs.  The Magnolia Company’s Miva store allows customers to view entire collections to pick which items out of those collections the want for their homes.

On the family farm, The Magnolia Company team members work really hard at growing specimen magnolia trees.  Off of these trees they produce leaves, stems and branches that their incredible team members work into beautiful wreaths, garlands and other designs.  The Magnolia Company has had their designs grace the walls of many our famous institutions like, The Smithsonian, The U.S. Botanical Garden and The White House.

THE MAGNOLIA COMPANY FARM is located in Central Florida where crop after crop of vibrant magnolia leaves are ready to be harvested.

Winner of the “Made with Miva” Twitter contest, The Magnolia Company was chosen to be this month’s store spotlight based on their creative customizations and use of the Miva platform.  We sat down with Matt Roth, president The Magnolia Company, to talk about his Miva Store:

How did you get started with your online business?

Due to some very fortunate articles in Southern Living, Oprah and Martha Stewart, we started receiving many calls from areas we did not have any dealer presence.  We started with the online store to serve those clients who were calling us, but had no way to buy our products.

Why did you choose Miva Merchant?

We started with Miva approximately 10 years ago. We didn’t have an online store before then. Our web designer recommended it because it was their platform of choice and it was easy to customize.  Our designer likes the Miva platform because it is easy to implement custom designs into and it is very customizable based on individual clients’ needs.

How have you customized Miva Merchant to fit your needs?

We have asked our web designer at Tinker Graphics on every custom piece we implemented.  They have been great at helping us get these customizations implemented.  We have a new customized shipping calendar, which is a great new addition.

What is your favorite feature that you’ve built into your online store?

Probably the ability for our clients to view entire collections, whereas before, they were limited to only a product-by-product selection.

In your opinion, what are the keys to success when operating an online store?

Our desire is to serve people to the best of our ability.  Cutting off of the farm we work every day with what God and Mother Nature gives us in the way of raw material.  Sometimes it’s just beautiful and sometimes things just happen – like the ants or grasshoppers just had a field day.  Our unbelievable staff is always bending over backwards to make it right for our clients.  I think that “just want to make it right attitude” is infectious and spreads.  We operate our shipping department and customer service departments the same way.  It is one key to success.  Of course, there a many others like the great design help we get from our web designer (Andrea Fiumano) and designer (Mary Waugh).

What lessons have you learned as a result of setting up your Internet business?

To keep trying something new, test it, if it doesn’t work stop and try something different.

How is your online store doing today?

It is well watered, fertilizer has been applied and it seems to be growing!