Make Your Site Copy Sell: Three Essential Steps For Improving Your Ecommerce Writing

You have an inventory of amazing and innovative products to sell online.  Now all you have to do is convince your customers. Of course, if you know anything at all about ecommerce, you know that this is easier said than done. Marketing your product is all about making what you sell look like something that your customers both want and need.  While images and site layout both play an important part, you should also never underestimate the importance of effective copy on the page.

  Blank Computer Screen The right ecommerce web copy can make or break the success of your online store.

The good news is you don’t need to be a professional writer to craft the type of copy that grabs the attention of potential customers.  Don’t let a fear of writing keep you from helping your online store reach its full potential.

Use Your Words

Writing copy that sells is also about writing effectively for search engines. The first step in doing this is to use the right keywords. If you don’t know which keywords you should be using, do a little keyword research.

  Amazon Description
Amazon successfully combines keywords and informative product descriptions

Answer The Question

Too many ecommerce websites include a FAQ page or section on their site, and then either forget to answer the question or over-explain the answer and lose the attention of their audience.  Nothing is more frustrating to an already frustrated customer than seeing the very question they are asking listed on a site without an answer.  Don’t over-think or over-sell your verbal skills, though.  If the question calls for a yes or no answer, i.e. “Do you offer singing telegrams with your deliveries?” then a succinct yes or no answer is all that you need.

Where's My Stuff? Friendly answers to common questions go a long way towards customer satisfaction.

Show Don’t Tell

There is an old saying that goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” This is true to a point, particularly when it comes to ecommerce copywriting. If you are describing a product, you are probably also including a picture with your description. This frees you from having to describe the product in a basic sense (what it is, what color it is, etc.) and lets you to focus on the why, as in why do your customers need this product/your services?  This SEOMoz post by Rand Fishkin has more great tips on writing compelling product descriptions and ecommerce copy.

Running Warehouse
Providing a clear picture of each product allows you to focus your ecommerce writing efforts on describing the benefits of each product, instead of what it looks like.