Miva Gives Linentablecloth.com, and Customers, Reasons to Celebrate

Miva is proud to welcome Linentablecloth.com to the Miva platform, and share their story and transition from Magento to Miva. Linentablecloth.com

June is traditionally a time for celebrations. It’s certainly a busy season for Linentablecloth.com, a leading provider of table linens, chair covers and other celebration supplies for special events such as weddings, VIP entertaining, and corporate gatherings.

Miva is proud to welcome Linentablecloth.com to the Miva platform and very pleased that Linen Tablecloth owner Ron Berrett has agreed to help share the story of their transition from Magento to Miva.

Hosted on Magento for eight years, Linentablecloth.com had individual pages for each of the company’s thousands of SKUs, making it laborious and confusing to navigate the site. Drawn by low prices for simple white polyester napkins, brides and party planners usually bought the loss-leading items before discovering the site’s more interesting options. Linen Tablecloth also offered rental items, but customers had to go to a separate site to see inventory and book the transactions.

Over time, Linentablecloth.com grew increasingly sluggish. It was a bad user experience for customers and expensive for the company to maintain, requiring five full-time developers working out of the company’s headquarters in suburban Portland, Oregon.

But worse was yet to come. After an upgrade to Magento 2.1, inventory stopped syncing. The site was so broken Linen Tablecloth turned off their phones. Revenue dropped by half. Within three months, a decision was made to move to a new platform. The company was in crisis mode.

“With Magento, we’d get a new feature built, and then when we’d go live it would break everything and we’d have to revert back to as it was before,” says Berrett.

A stable new platform with native functionality that makes it easy to add features

That all changed when Linentablecloth.com relaunched on the Miva platform. Linen Tablecloth now has an elegant and easy-to-navigate site that showcases their entire product range. The site launch included a variety of new features and functionality that is native to Miva’s fast and stable platform. With Miva, new features are being regularly added, despite the fact Linen Tablecloth no longer employs in-house developers.

“With Miva, we are able to do things we have wanted to do for years,” says Berrett. “We can add new features quickly. That’s just not possible on other platforms.” Now instead of having customers scroll through dozens of pages to see individual colors, product listing pages help Linen Tablecloth display items by size, fabric and print, with swatches triggering live previews of color options available for each. The newly reorganized navigation makes it easy to browse by fabric type, showing how pintuck fabric products look as sashes, tablecloths, and overlays. If an item is out of stock, a Pre Order feature allows planners to make sure they’re the first to get the product when it hits the warehouse.

It was a Miva Solutions Architect who suggested combining sales and rental products on a single site, something Linen Tablecloth execs didn’t know was possible in their time frame and budget. With Miva, it was. Customers can now browse thousands of items and easily toggle between ‘Purchase’ and ‘Rental’ to view each price. If ‘Rental’ is selected, they can then add their event date to check the item’s availability before booking.

Miva has also incorporated iParcel into the site, opening up international sales.

New customers for Linentablecloth.com

In a highly competitive marketplace, Linen Tablecloth’s business objective isn’t just to sell more products – it’s to increase margins. Before Miva, some 90% of napkin and tablecloth sales were white – that’s dropped to the 70% range. Charcoal and navy are two of the top sellers. Sales of décor items have tripled.

But it’s the uptick in the rental business that has Linen Tablecloth’s owners particularly excited. Only a few months after launching on Miva, sales from the rental business now represent 20% of the business – up from 3% before. When rental and purchase were on separate sites, customers got confused and conversion rates plummeted. Now rentals are a highly profitable part of the business, with consumers thrilled to choose higher-end products at half the price. Since the tablecloths can be used up to 20 times, it drops the cost of goods for the company. It’s also better for the environment since customers used to throw or give away old items. Excited by the new rental opportunities, the company has invested $400,000 in new industrial laundry equipment. “Moving to Miva was a really good decision,” says Berrett. “Now everything works and I no longer have to wear the hat of a software guy, so I can focus on actually running the company instead.”

The polished new site is already attracting some new customers, including PrimeSports, which books corporate and VIP parties for sporting events such as NASCAR, NBA, and the Rose Bowl.

Within weeks of moving to Miva, customer service query and complaint calls dropped – in part because Miva automated the process for sending out tracking numbers and shipping notifications. Customer service reps now have more time to spend on a new company priority: offering event planning skills to customers in free 20-minute sessions that will guide them through products and resources on Linentablecloth.com. On the Miva platform, the company is planning many internal celebrations in the years to come.