Miva Merchant 9.0002 Is Out Now!

There's a new Miva Merchant update out now. The current build is ver. 9.0002 and can be downloaded and installed by logging into your Miva Merchant admin. If you are still running on ver. 9.0 of the Miva Merchant software, you have some great new features awaiting you once you complete the update for your store.

Many popularly requested features have made the list of this rounds upgrades, such as:


Navigate Through Your Categories And Subcategories

Category Hierarchy

Now you can browse through your categories and subcategories based on their relation to one another. From the Main Menu click on the arrow next to Catalog and then click on the arrow next to the category you want to work with.


Expanded Support Of Google Analytics

Google Analytics Support

Google Analytics has been refining and expanding their feature set, and Miva Merchant is committed to ensuring store owners can take comprehensive advantage of the most popular analytics tool around. You can now configure your Miva Merchant store to work with Google Analytics whether you are using G.A. Classic, Universal Analytics, or Universal Analytics w/Enhanced Ecommerce.


Universal Search In The Low-resolution Navigation Bar

Universal Search Button

One of the most useful features of Miva Merchant 9 is the Universal Search bar that allows you to search for virtually anything in your store. Now you can harness the power of Universal Search, whether you're logged into Miva Merchant on your computer, tablet, or phone.


Title Tags For Menu Items

Title Tags for menu buttons

All Menu Items now have title tags so if you're not sure what a menu button is, just hover your mouse over it and a title will appear telling you what the button is for.


Configure Low Resolution Settings

Configure Low Resolution Settings

The vertical screen resolution that triggers the low-resolution navigation bar is now configurable on a per-user basis. In your store admin browse to Users > Edit User: [Your User] > Settings > Use "Low Resolution Navigation Mode" below

Click here for a more complete list of new features and bug fixes.