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Miva Merchant 9.7 Beta Now Available!

The best way to sell online just got better. Today we released Miva Merchant 9.7 Beta, the latest iteration for the most revolutionary ecommerce solution on the market.

Since its release, Miva Merchant 9 has catalyzed high-growth, high-volume businesses to dream, sell, optimize, and scale more than ever before. Miva Merchant 9 implemented the existing functionality served by modules into the core of the platform—features that have set your business apart, including ReadyThemes, Subscriptions, MivaPay, and more.

With the release of Miva Merchant 9.7, we are excited to introduce even more features to power your enterprise ecommerce business further, including:

Miva Merchant 9.7 Beta is now available to all customers. Visit this How To Guide to install it today.

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