Miva Merchant + Bongo International

  Bongo Checkout

Miva Merchant and Bongo International have combined their eCommerce resources to offer online retailers more than the standard online store design and maintenance services.  Miva Merchant continues to innovate through a full integration with Bongo’s Checkout solution. Bongo Checkout is an integrated international checkout that offers fraud protection guarantee, 3-8 day international transit to over 222 destinations worldwide, in addition to complete landed cost to 101 countries. Integration is simple through Miva Merchant and allows you to process all international orders as domestic orders.

Interested in shipping outside the US?

We would like to introduce our Retailers to Bongo International. With Bongo, you can enjoy:

  • Full duties and taxes (landed cost) billed upon checkout.

  • Secured checkout utilizing industry-leading encryption methods.

  • Highly discounted international shipping rates.

  • Consolidation of your packages to ensure the lowest shipping cost to your end destination.

  • Direct tracking to your end destination.

  • 3-8 day transit worldwide.

Bongo Checkout offers Miva Merchant store owners an integrated and secure international checkout process that enables your business to reach international consumers.  Checkout gives your international customers a fully localized experience; it speaks 16 languages, bills in 187 currencies and supports 90 native payment options. As a result of Bongo’s investment in aggregating global customs data, Checkout boasts an industry leading prepaid duty tax experience to consumers in 101 countries worldwide.

The combination of Bongo and Miva Merchant’s services creates a fully automated solution that submits new product information into Bongo’s system for export classification as well as enters all new order information into Retailer’s OMS.  Checkout delivers complete landed costs (shipping, duties, taxes) so that international customers have a seamless shopping experience with no hidden fees or surprise costs at any point in the transaction.  Additionally, Bongo helps to improve the shopping experience through the provision of a unified tracking number.  This tracking feature allows shoppers to track their packages from departure from the merchant’s warehouse until arrival at their doorstep. Click here to learn more, or contact Bongo directly for more information on how your online store can grow internationally.






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