Miva Merchant Changes Company Name Back to Miva


Miva welcomes change as we change not only our headquarters location but our namesake as well. Along with our newly renovated, bright & open concept office, we introduce to you a fresh brand identity package that brings back red that pays homage to our past.

“The new Miva identity better represents our core values and ensures our relevancy as a leader in our market,” said Rick Wilson, President of Miva. “We’re really excited to show it off.”

The rebrand ties in with a significant expansion into our newly renovated 23,000 square foot headquarters in the hills of Rancho Bernardo. The space, formerly occupied by both Sony in the 1990’s and Yahoo Inc. in the 2000’s, is twice the size of our old headquarters and will allow for continued rapid growth in a much more inviting and open atmosphere.

“Our new space provides both the room to grow and the proper canvas to showcase our brand, our customers and our vision.” said Russ Carroll, CEO of Miva.


Miva was founded in 1997 as a provider of ecommerce software and launched Miva Merchant, a popular online store creation platform for small to medium-sized business to sell their goods online. In 2004 Miva was purchased by FindWhat, a publicly-traded marketing company based in Fort Meyers, Florida and subsequently went through a significant rebrand, using the Miva name company-wide.

In 2007 Miva sold their Miva Small Business division to Russ Carroll and Rick Wilson, calling the newly formed entity “Miva Merchant” after their flagship software. In 2013 the Miva name and trademark was officially acquired by Miva Merchant and it was decided the company would once again be known as Miva.

“Since its start the Miva Merchant software has continued to evolve into what is now one of the most sought-after ecommerce platforms in the industry,” said Paul Peterson, Director of Marketing at Miva. “Our prestigious growth and upward nature has driven us to rebrand as we plant our feet firmly into our presence within the ecommerce universe.”

“With the impending launch of Miva Merchant 9 this Fall, Miva will be the clear choice for real businesses who want to succeed in ecommerce, and our new brand and building are are a big part of that.”

Check out the changing faces of our past:


Miva Animation


Finishing touches are still being made around the office but we promise to show off all its glory as soon as it’s ready, so keep your eyes peeled. Thank you from all of us at Miva and stay tuned!