Miva Merchant Company News: Miva Merchant Social Commerce Is Here, MivaMerchant.com Redesign

In this Company News update, we’ll reveal the details of our brand new Social Commerce product and discuss our recent redesign.

Miva Merchant Social Commerce Is Here

Our Miva Merchant Social Commerce Page, designed to allow storeowners to integrate their Facebook pages with their ecommerce sites is finally here.  What’s included?

  • Either a standard or a custom template
  • Embedded category page created, accessible, and controlled by the Miva Merchant Admin
  • Clickable featured products that bring the user directly toward your Miva Merchant store-no need to recreate payment and shipping rules inside of Facebook.

With the holidays just around the corner, can you really afford not to integrate your Facebook page with your Miva Merchant ecommerce store? Go here to read our press release and learn more.

Miva Merchant Site Redesign

Have you noticed anything different about our site in the past week and a half or so? We recently redesigned our site, and some of our graphics, buttons, and site colors, have gotten a facelift.

Next week, our Support Suite will be redesigned.  What do you think of our new look? Let us know.