Miva Merchant Expands into Social Commerce with Social Rebate Partnership

Miva Merchant, a leading supplier of e-commerce software and services for small and medium-sized businesses with over $100 billion in online sales since 1997, today announced a new strategic partnership with social commerce platform Social Rebate. Effective immediately, Miva Merchant clients will have access to Social Rebate’s proprietary plug-in which allows brands to reward customers with instant cash rebates for sharing purchases on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and more.

“We chose to partner with Social Rebate because they seamlessly integrate into our platform and can provide our clients with a revolutionary way to promote their brands on all the popular social networks,” said Rick Wilson, President of Miva Merchant. “Social Rebate enables our clients by facilitating the best kind of marketing: personal recommendations from buying customers, at the critical point of purchase.”

Social Rebate has risen to prominence in the emerging world of social commerce, which integrates the world of e-commerce with consumers’ social networks. According to Nielsen, ninety-two percent of consumers around the world trust earned media (recommendations from friends and family, word-of-mouth, etc.) above all other forms of marketing or advertising. Earned media carries weight with consumers because they are largely seen as being more credible, relevant and personal. By providing their clients with a platform that generates earned media, Social Rebate has been able to track up to an impressive 30% conversion rate for the businesses that use the proprietary service.

“We are excited about the partnership and look forward to working with Miva Merchant to provide their platform clients and certified developers with turn-key solutions to a new social marketing channel that will increase sales and monetize social marketing with best-of-the-breed technologies,” said Dan Raisovich, Chief Revenue Officer of Social Rebate. Promotions and tutorials are available today. More features will be released as the partnership continues to roll out.



About Social Rebate: Social Rebate is an innovative e-commerce solution that converts customers’ purchases into highly credible, relevant and personal Social Media marketing. The platform allows ecommerce businesses to hire their customers to share their brand across Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Customers earn cash off of their purchase based on the traffic they bring back to those brands. Brand messages are instantly inserted into their friends’ timelines, feeds, and boards – not as a low-impact display web ad, but as a trending topic, timeline story, or pin. www.socialrebate.net

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