Miva Merchant Named One of San Diego’s Fastest Growing Businesses

San Diego, CA (July 16, 2012) –  Miva Merchant, a leading supplier of e-commerce software and services, has been named one of San Diego’s fastest-growing private companies by the San Diego Business Journal. The company was recognized at a reception held by the publication and presented an award last week.

(President-COO of Miva Merchant) Rick Wilson with (San Diego's Mayor) Jerry Sanders

(President-COO of Miva Merchant) Rick Wilson with (San Diego’s Mayor) Jerry Sanders

“E-commerce provides the opportunity for all merchants to compete on a level playing field,” says Jesse Ness at Miva Merchant. “We help merchants of all sizes incorporate online commerce into their strategic business plans.”

Consumers have adopted the idea of doing business online, and e-commerce is quickly becoming the preferred way to shop and do business. “An e-commerce platform offers more than just a way to put a business online. Consumers know what they expect from online shopping, and merchants who deliver a satisfactory online shopping experience thrive in the e-commerce arena.”

Miva Merchant small business shopping cart software powers thousands of online e-commerce sites, and delivers a seamless, easy-to-use and easy-to-understand shopping experience for customers and clients alike.  Miva Merchant limits the risks associated with adding an e-commerce component to the long-term plan for an existing business, or starting an online business.

“Our solutions are customized to fit the needs of individual merchants, and are designed to maximize the shopper’s experience while online and convert website visits to online sales. The growth in our business demonstrates the value we bring to our e-commerce clients, and the value that they, in turn, bring to their online customers.”

About Miva Merchant

Miva Merchant, located in San Diego, CA is a leading supplier of complete, reliable, expandable and easy-to-use e-commerce software and services to small and medium-sized businesses. Miva Merchant shopping cart software is used by tens of thousands of online merchants and developers on an extensive network of hosting partners and business portals.  For more information about Miva Merchant, please visit https://www.mivamerchant.com