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This month, the Miva Professional Services team celebrated the successful launch of two ecommerce websites – Borsheims.com and Rebeccas.com. With the help of Miva’s expert team, these redesigned online stores completely transformed their online shopping experiences.

Borsheims Fine Jewelry & Gifts | Website Redesign

Borsheims Fine Jewelery and Gifts

Borsheims Fine Jewelry & Gifts has sold jewelry in brick and mortar locations (and online more recently) for more than 100 years. Founded by Louis Borsheim in the late 1800’s in Omaha, Nebraska, this fine jewelry super store takes pride in their rich history. Borsheims has faced new ownership that has propelled the company into new levels of success throughout their existence.

Staying true to their business philosophy of offering “an extensive inventory and exceptional customer service at the lowest possible price,” Borsheims has survived major economic downturns like The Great Depression and the economic crisis in the early 2000s.

In 1989, investment mogul and Omaha native, Warren Buffet, added Borsheims to Berkshire Hawthaway, Inc, his renowned portfolio of companies, by purchasing a majority of Borsheims stock. Buffet’s widespread experience and key personnel appointments have led the Borsheims company to momentous growth.

Partnering with Miva

Prior to migrating to the Miva enterprise ecommerce platform, Borsheims was on a completely custom home-grown ecommerce solution bogged down with issues that prevented them from providing the shopping experience they needed to properly scale their business. Borsheims uncovered new possibilities in ecommerce by turning to Miva.

The brand new Borsheims website raises the bar for providing a first-class shopping experience with a stunning new design and unmatched, sophisticated functionality that encourages customers to convert. The new customer service features work together seamlessly with highly custom functionality of this brand new website to deliver an unparalleled user experience.

Borsheims.com Feature Highlights

Ring Builder

A breakthrough feature, the Borsheims Ring Builder allows customers to fully customize an engagement ring from the ring’s setting to the diamond’s shape. This real-time, interactive feature of the Ring Builder creates a shopping experience that can’t be recreated in store. Customers can select from dozens of mounting options to see how their ring will look before making a purchase. The visualizer at the top of the page updates instantly with each product selected. After a setting has been chosen, customers can select and view a diamond on the ring mount by simply hovering over any of hundreds of diamonds in inventory. The extensive diamond specifications help showcase the value in each diamond. Best of all, customers can narrow down the diamonds shown based on the diamond’s shape, price, weight, color, and clarity. Learn more

Category Pages

Stunning product imagery matched with key sorting functionality of the exquisite category pages deliver a first class experience for shoppers. These image-heavy pages beautifully showcase the Borsheims jewelry collections. The sleek category can be displayed or hidden by simply toggling the switch at the top of the page. Learn more

Product Pages

The artfully crafted product pages encompass conversion boosting features that encourage customers to complete a purchase. Detailed product specifications, shipping information, customer reviews, and frequently asked questions are housed within tabs at the bottom of the pages. Key sharing and contact features including social media sharing, emailing to a friend (dropping a hint), as well as the live chat and email contact can be easily found in one central location within the product page. Learn more

Corporate Rewards

Borsheims offers a seven-tiered Service Award program for corporations to reward employees. This rewards program features a wide variety of gifts at every price point to ensure businesses of any size can easily reward their hard-working employees. Customers can personalize their employee gifts by engraving their company’s logo in various products. Learn more


Extensive informational guides educate shoppers about the basics of precious metals, define the characteristics of precious gemstones, the process of choosing the perfect ring, and more. These helpful guides captivate shoppers and encourage them to stay on the Borsheims site instead of leaving to find learning materials. Learn more 


Similar to many big box retailers, Borsheims offers customers the option to purchase online and pick up in store. Customers can also take advantage of free shipping opportunities with purchases exceeding $100. Additionally, due to the nature of the product offering, signature requirements upon delivery are mandatory on most products and is noted on appropriate product pages. Learn more

Visit the new Borsheims site now.

Rebeccas Toys and Prizes

Rebecca’s Toys and Prizes | Website Redesign

Based in Texas, Rebecca’s Toys and Prizes specializes in offering a massive inventory of party supplies, novelties, toys, stationery and more. Rebecca’s sells direct to consumer and to businesses like bowling alleys, family entertainment centers, skating rinks, churches, and school carnivals via their brick and mortar location and ecommerce website.

Prior to the website overhaul, Rebeccas.com was built on the obsolete Miva 4 software, not optimized for mobile devices, and lacked a modern design. Thanks to the collaboration with Miva’s Professional Services team, Rebeccas.com can now easily sell in bulk and boasts a freshly designed, professional online store that can be easily managed from backend using the robust Miva Admin. Learn more about the features of the website redesign below.

Rebeccas.com Feature Highlights

B2B Portal

B2B customers can view custom pricing after they sign into their customer account. Each B2B customer has also been assigned unique price groups for which they will be shown a pre-negotiated price.

Volume Pricing

Consumers looking to purchase in bulk can take advantage of volume pricing. In other words, consumers can spend less per item by increasing the quantity purchased. Customers can quickly view the pricing options via both the category and product pages. Learn more

Piece Price

Customers who need to keep their order within a specific budget can easily shop by piece price. Rebecca’s allows shoppers to browse for products that fit within various price points ranging from one cent to five dollars and up. This feature helps customers ensure they get the most value. Learn more

Responsive Design

Websites must be optimized for mobile devices with mobile usage continuing to grow as the majority way in which consumers browse the internet and shop online. SEO rankings are also partially determined by whether or not a website has responsive design. Needless to say, a Rebecca’s Toys and Prizes desperately needed a responsive website. Consumers can now receive the same great shopping experience whether they shop on rebeccas.com via a desktop computer or their mobile device.

High Quality Imagery

To match the updated look and feel of their new website, Rebecca’s new website features high quality, professional imagery that successfully showcases their vast product offering.

Visit the new Rebeccas.com now.

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