MivaCon 2013: State Of The Miva Nation

Rick Wilson, COO of Miva Merchant, reviews some highlights from the last year at Miva Merchant in his Keynote presentation at MivaCon 2013.

Miva Merchant Milestones from 2012

Miva Merchant ranked #1026 on the 2012 Inc 500│5000 list of fastest-growing private companies is America.  It is based on 3 years of percentage revenue growth, and it is our first year on the list.  To be able to get that kind of growth is phenomenal achievement for us to growing at this rate.  In addition, we ranked #88 in the top 100 Software Companies in the nation, as well as #20 in the San Diego Metro Area.  Miva Merchant was also named 15th Fastest Growing Company in San Diego by San Diego Business Journal.

Support Milestones

Our support has significantly improved over the past year with many new features and updated procedures.  Offering support for your store is now more efficient, more convenient, and speedier than ever.  Hosting customers are allowed access to control panels on Plesk.

  • Request support from within the admin
  • All Shared Hosting Customers are now on Plesk
  • Support Portal/ Training/CRM
  • SaaS Setup Automation
  • Consistent 4 and 5 star reviews
  • Average Q4 Support Survey 4.3 out of 5

Hosting Milestones

We are running on a new hosting architecture and have upgraded it over the last 12 months to allow for stronger processing power and scalability.

  • Cisco Blades Upgraded February 2013- 40% more processor capacity
  • VMWare upgraded to Enterprise 5.1
  • Upgraded EMC Storage Array- 52x larger Enterprise Grade SSD – Faster I/O
  • Backbone Connections Upgrade- Multiple 10 Gigabit Connections

Development Milestones

We have created a great new way to convey new software updates and features throughout the year, using videos promoting specific features and landing pages.  This allows your store to add features without having to go through a third-party module.

Landing pages cover every new feature for each update and will walk you through all the various new features we’ve added into our core software.

  • PA-DSS 2.0 Validated
  • Security Features Released in 2012

We have implemented fully encrypted customer account information, such as billing and ship to information, password emails, and password controls.

  • PayPal Payments Advanced / PayFlow Hosted
  • Shopper Facing Customer Enhancements

A site-wide, built in mini-basket is now included. Enable the module and get a mini-basket complete with product name and images.

Product photos in basket (Variant Correct) will decrease your abandonment rate.

A new built in shipping estimator is now available on either your Product (ideal for selling heavy items when people need to estimate shipping before adding to their basket) or add it to your Basket or Checkout Pages.

Customers may now log in with their username or email address. Default stores will be automatically set to use the email address.

  • Admin Enhancements
  • Automatic Variant Pricing
  • Category Title/Image Import/Export
  • Cancel RMA’s
  • Entities Modules


Professional Services Milestones


  • Smart Designs
  • Custom Templates
  • Facebook Connect (OAuth)
  • Blog Integration
  • New Developer Portal
  • One Page Checkout

The Blades Awards – Best New Feature

Here, we are going highlight stores that are doing something interesting and compelling with Miva Merchant features.

Oliver + S has implemented responsive web design and an interactive paperdoll feature.

Scottevest sells clothes with hidden pockets, so he uses video and pictures to show X-Ray view of his products, which is a really clever use of product photography.

The Mountie Shop‘s language picker is a slick integration that serves the customers well for their language needs.

Royal Shave has 3 different websites that share a single backend, a single inventory system, and a single checkout so that customers can browse all 3 sites and checkout in one single checkout.

Scan My Photos has a popup upsell feature that allows you to add multiple items to their cart.

What’s New for 2013

Production Release 8 – Update 9

Key Features:

  • New Custom Fields Module
  • MvSMTP Support (requires 5.18 Engine)
  • Built-In Google Analytics Module

  • Manage Orders Filter For Customer
  • Sign In As Customer
  • Variant Import
  • USPS Module Updates
  • 5.18 Engine StoreMorph Template Features
  • Miva Empresa 5.18

Miva Merchant Enterprise

Key Use Cases

  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Fulfillment
  • XML/EDI/Flat File Integrations with ERP
  • Automated WorldShip Integration

PR9 Overview

  • Admin Updates
  • Coupons
  • Sale System (Not Coupons)
  • Marketing Tools
  • Gift Certificates & Split Payment

The Miva Merchant Platform Sauce

1.  Stability and Security

  • Our goal is simple, 100% Uptime
  • We expect a 0% failure rate for Upgrades
  • Security is the unsung hero of ecommerce

2.  Flexibility

  • Simplicity is important, but not at the cost of flexibility
  • Therefore, we focus on robust flexibility
  • Providing the tools necessary to achieve Stability and Security
  • While providing our customers virtually unlimited Flexibility

3.  Keep our Top Customers Competitive

  • Focus on the needs of the top 10% of our customers
  • Changing platforms is risky and expensive
  • Turn a lose/lose into a win/win

4.  Make it Easy for the Bottom 90%

  • Our best customers started out as our smallest customers
  • Leverage our unique perspective on what makes online retailers succeed