MivaCon 2014 Nominees for Best Feature

There are endless ways to customize the Miva Merchant software to create innovate new ways to sell online.  We want to highlight the creative features that Miva merchants have built into their stores this year.  In order to qualify, the feature must be both unique and valuable to the customer’s shopping experience, as well as to the merchant’s back end operations.  We want to share and showcase Miva merchants that are Conquering E-commerce.  The winner will be announced at The Blades awards banquet during our annual conference on Thursday, March 6th, 2014.  The categories for nominations include Best Website of 2013, Best Feature, Most Compelling Story, and Most Innovative Product.  Join us at MivaCon 2014!

The Nominees for Best Feature are:

Holiday Cards Unlimited

Holiday Cards Unlimited customers can quickly select from hundreds of cards for any occasion, personalized to meet their needs.  Holiday Cards Unlimited has been nominated for its custom card builder feature, which allows customer to customize their cards with a choice of more than 20 verses, plus different type styles and colors. With great design options, fine paper, and professional printing, these cards are sure to make the right impression.

Kiyonna Clothing

Kiyonna Clothing “sells a feeling, not a product.” President and Founder, Kim Camarella-Khanbeigi believes that this is the secret to its ongoing success since 1996.  Kiyonna’s advanced use of swatches on its product pages allows customers to see each piece of clothing in their favorite colors and patterns. A leader in the plus-size clothing industry, Kiyonna designs stylish plus-size apparel that can be found online and in specialty boutiques across the country and beyond.

Maps of the Past

Maps of the Past has been nominated for its advanced use of Google Maps and PCINet’s GMAP module to tie historic maps to current locations.  The map app shows you at a mouse-click the current-day location of the mapped area.  Maps of the Past experts take quality care to ensure all the historical data is accurate in each vintage map.  Maps of the Past loves the history, the geography, the beauty of each map reproduction … but most of all, they love the fact that they are increasing the world’s knowledge of history, cartography, maps, and genealogy.

Mignon Faget

Mignon Faget sells jewelry derived from natural and architectural forms found in the New Orleans environment. It has been nominated for a Blades Award due to its customized returns page.  Mignon Faget allows customers to return the products within 30 days and has created a feature, which allows customers to start the return online and custom print a UPS return shipping label from their home printer.

Picture It On Canvas

Picture It On Canvas has been nominated for its Instagram Integration.  Customers are able to transfer their favorite Instagram photos onto canvas, slate, metal, or a wide variety of other products, as a collage or framed work of art.  All of Picture It On Canvas’ products are printed using archival quality inks on premium grade canvas, so their products will preserve their vibrancy and will not fade over time.

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