MivaCon 2014 Nominees for Most Compelling Story

One of our favorite parts of helping businesses sell online is getting to know each and every story.  To qualify for “Most Compelling Story,” the store must have a unique and compelling story about how they got their start, and the obstacles that they overcame to turn their entrepreneurial dreams into reality.  We want to share and showcase Miva merchants that are Conquering E-commerce.  The winner will be announced at The Blades awards banquet during our annual conference on Thursday, March 6th, 2014.  The categories for nominations include Best Website of 2013, Best Feature, Most Compelling Story and Most Innovative Product.  Join us at MivaCon 2014!

The Nominees for Most Compelling Story are:

Lock-n-Load Java

From the start, Carl and Lori wanted to create a different kind of company guided by the principles they lived by: work hard, do good, give back, and make it fun. In founding Lock-n-Load Java, they committed to organizing and running the company based on the discipline and sense of service they got from the military community, while ensuring the fun and camaraderie they experienced remained a core part of the company as well.  Lock-n-Load Java is now a successful ecommerce store that provides top grade premium coffee and superior service to their community of customers.

Tactical Defense

Right after Sept 11th, 2001, Tom Schreiber decided to change his life and do something more along the lines of helping his country and fellow Americans, so he joined the Department of Homeland Security United States Coast Guard.  In 2005, Schreiber created the website TacticalDefense.com in order to partner up with one of his Counter Terrorism Instructors and offer training.  What started out as a training website quickly gained momentum with the introduction of retail.

Camping Yurts

Camping Yurts is a husband and wife business that manufactures portable yurts used for camping and outdoor living spaces such as summer bedrooms, entertaining spaces and Gazebos, etc. They are also being used in TV; Arrested Development, Revolution and print advertising; Honda CRV car brochure, REI Christmas Catalog, as they seem to represent the Green and “back to nature” movement.

Hooray for the Underdog!

Husband & Wife team, Joe Grisham and Janet Healey have always rooted for the underdog. In 2007, they started their unique stationery line, Hooray For The Underdog!, as a pet project to support local shelter animals. Today, it’s a full time operation where they photograph abandoned dogs and cats, turn the images into greeting cards, notepads, folders and journals and tell the underdogs’ stories on the back of each product.  Their ultimate mission is to help raise awareness for rescued animals everywhere, one card at a time.

Bedwetting Store

The Bedwetting Store has helped tens of thousands of children and adults since their start in 2000.  BedwettingStore.com provides one convenient place to learn about nighttime and daytime wetting, seeking help in selecting an alarm and purchasing the best products at the lowest prices. The Bedwetting Store is America’s one-stop shop for bedwetting items and waterproof bedding.

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