Mobile Ecommerce Market Poised For Growth

Not so long ago, mobile phones had one primary function: making and receiving calls. Then came mobile Internet browsing capabilities and texting. Today, smart phones allow people to conduct mobile banking and financial transactions, download apps for almost everything, and purchase items online without the use of a laptop or desktop computer.

Corporate Communication

According to a recent study by Forrester Research, both mobile marketing budgets and practices are steadily increasing as mobile or “mcommerce” becomes more widespread. 

Of the 252 marketing professionals surveyed, about 40 percent said that they were currently using mobile marketing and 35 percent had plans to incorporate mobile marketing strategies and practices within the next year.

Despite these statistics, mobile commerce is still in the experimental stage in the minds of most retailers and marketing professionals. Many of those surveyed reported that they are currently in the process of developing test budgets for mobile marketing efforts.

The majority of large retailers, however, have already developed and implemented mobile apps in an effort to attract customers who prefer to shop via phone. Ebay, Amazon, and Best Buy all have mobile apps, and discount retail giant Walmart has one as well.

Miva Merchant store owners can now bring their stores into the mobile market place as well, thanks to the recent launch of our new mobile ecommerce framework.

Being slow to adopt mobile commerce practices may have a detrimental affect on both large and small ecommerce stores. Both phone manufacturers and consumers strive to be on the cutting edge of technology, and ecommerce stores that allow themselves to fall behind, according to Forrester, are likely to lose at least some of their competitive edge in the coming years.

“Experimentation is always a good way to learn new technologies and channels,” says the Forrester report.  “However, the pace of consumer adoption is so quick in mobile, and the potential for mobile to change the way businesses operates is so clear, that marketers cannot afford to test for another year.”